Live Healthy with These 4 Fun Ideas to Get Fit as a Family

When you use the 4 fun ideas to get fit as a family the kids beg to be active with you every day!

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Collage of Close Ups of Colorful Stabilization Balls and Pink Kettlebell with text overlay: 4 Fun Ideas to Get Fit as a Family

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Accountability is key when you’re trying to get fit. If you don’t have any sort of system in place, it makes it easy to run off track with your goals.

Don’t make your accountability complicated. You don’t need a personal trainer or BFF workout buddy.

Your best accountability resource is right in your own home: your family. Trust the kiddos to let you know when you slack on activity when you make fitness fun for the whole family.

I’m the first to admit that I think working out is boring. I love yoga because it helps focus and relax me, but even that I only do in 20 minute intervals.

That aversion to working out makes it hard to reach my fitness goals. I need something fun to get me to really push myself.

Making it a competition is even better. That’s why I decided to get the entire family on board. Now there are fun activities that let me get active without feeling like I’m “working out”.

Classic Twister Board Game
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This game takes every muscle in your body. If you haven’t worked out in a while, you will definitely feel it the next day.

It is so much fun, though, and the entire family loves playing it. We are trying to play 3-5 games at least one night a week.

I can already feel my muscle strength improving and all while having fun as a family.

Pokémon Go

We played Ingress long before Pokémon Go came out because we are a family full of nerds. The concept is the same for both games.

You walk around to reach portals or Pokestops which give you content in the game. That content helps you in the game whether it is defending portals or catching Pokémon.

This is a great way for our family to get out of the house and start walking. We always push ourselves to go further because we’re on the hunt.


Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

This game proves that I am crazy competitive. I don’t just want to beat you, I want to absolutely dominate you.

All of the jumping around is great for getting that heart rate up and burning some calories. This is another one that you can lose yourself in.

Before you know it, you’ve been playing for hours. That’s the best kind of workout, if you ask me.


Looking for a quick and easy game for your next party or family night? Find out how to play glow stick tag and snag a free printable of the rules!

Glow Stick Tag

Don’t let the dark keep you from getting active! Glow stick tag is an easy game you can play in your back yard. Also, there’s no limit on the players.

If everyone takes a turn being “it” you get moving for 30 minutes or more. Learn all about it at How to Play Glow Stick Tag.


Close Up of Colorful Stabilization Balls with text overlay: 4 Fun Ideas to Get Fit as a Family

There you go! Now you have 4 fun ideas to get fit as a family and without expensive gym memberships or the need to leave your home (mostly). Rotate the ideas to keep it from getting stale for any one person.

For example, the little ones don’t love DDR like I do because it’s not suited to their current development stage. They love using my phone to hunt down Pokémon, though.

Changing it up keeps everyone happier and, most importantly, everyone active. What are other fun ways you get fit as a family? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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Collage of Close Ups of Colorful Stabilization Balls and Pink Kettlebell with text overlay: 4 Fun Ideas to Get Fit as a Family


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