Please Excuse the Mess Explanation

Have you noticed the total craziness that’s happening on this website? Depending on when you visit, the post may have shown without photos, given you an error screen, or, even worse, not shown you anything at all. Now that I have time to come up for air (sort of), I can finally give you the 411 on what’s happening.

Host Server Malfuncions

Everything started with an error screen showing on both the front end (the part you see) and the back end (the part I edit) of DIY Adulation. That’s when it’s time to contact your host and when I did, it took a few days to find out what was wrong. Essentially there was a server corruption (I was not informed as to the cause) and it resulted in databases becoming broken and this also affected my backups.

It’s Fixed… Or Not

Through multiple back and forth conversations, I thought it was fixed only to find I couldn’t make any changes. Yikes! At this point something has to give so I change hosts and finally start getting some serious answers.

Broken Databases Aren’t Easy to Fix

After another week we have found that databases in DIY Adulation are seriously broken. I could try to pay someone hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to try to go in and manual repair it but there’s no guarantee even then. Instead of risking losing everything with more poking around and no promise that it can even be fixed, I’ve made the hard decision to go another route.

I’ve Moved DIY Adulation

Nothing will change for you, but the doman DIY Adulation is on a new base completely. The problem is that it means I have to manually re-post every piece of content that has even been on DIY Adulation. It’s a slow and painstakingly tedious job but here’s the honest truth:

I love DIY Adulation and all of the wonderful people that are here with me, like you. It’s a beautiful resource full of awesome, supportive readers and I’m not ready to let it go.

What This Means for You

This means that while I get everything re-posted and moved from the old base of DIY Adulation, some links (okay, a lot of links) are going to lead to 404 errors. When you get that, it simply means I haven’t moved that content yet. I’m averaging about 30 posts a day and expect to have everything back up and going fully by the end of September at the latest. 

I’m asking you to please excuse the mess during this time of transition and know that it is all being fixed, slowly but surely. In addition, I will be posting new content while updating the old so keep checking back for the awesomeness you’ve grown to know and love! Thank you so much for your patience!