DIY Nerds Rule T-shirt Cricut Craft

Kids gladly wear t-shirts everyday to school. Luckily that saves you money when shopping for school clothes since tees are way cheaper than button-ups. Now you can turn a plain t-shirt into something spectacular with this DIY Nerds Rule t-shirt Cricut craft!

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Collage of Boy Wearing Nerds Rule T-shirt with text overlay - DIY Nerds Rule Teeshirt


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A few weeks ago I took all 3 kids to their eye appointments and found out that all 3 of them need glasses this year. What?! I mean, at least they’re doing something together but dang, that’s crazy!

While picking out glasses my oldest picked up this pair of black frames and was crazy excited about how they made him look like a nerd. Basically, if there was ever any doubt that he was mine, it’s definitely gone now.

I thought new “nerdy” glasses needed a super sweet new shirt to go with them. This month’s Bring on the Crafts challenge was the perfect reason to try something totally new like iron-on vinyl.


Boy Wearing Nerds Rule T-Shirt

DIY Nerds Rule T-shirt Materials


Red Vinyl on Cutting Mat

Step 1

First, put a piece of red vinyl on your cutting mat with the shiny side down. You don’t need a large piece because you are only cutting one word from it.


Create a Friend Cricut Cartridge Box

Step 2

Then prep your Cricut with the cartridge and the universal button cover. Set your pressure to medium and adjust the size to 6 inches.


Close Up of Screen on Cricut Machine

Step 3

Next, load your cutting mat with the red vinyl on it and press the “FLIP” button on your machine.


Nerds Rule Design Page in Book

Step 4

Now cut out the word “Rule”.


Step 5

Remove the vinyl from the cutting mat. The blade should not have cut through the plastic cover on the vinyl.


Cut Out Rule Vinyl Piece

Weeded Backwards Vinyl Word Rule

Step 6

Cut around your design in a rectangle then weed (or remove) all of the negative design parts so that only your backwards word is left.


Navy Blue Vinyl on Cutting Mat

Step 7

Set your weeded design to the side and place the navy blue vinyl on your cutting mat. This one needs to be bigger because you are cutting 2 designs in it.


Close up of Flipped Preview on Cricut Screen

Step 8

Again, make sure the “FLIP” button is pressed on your machine and cut the word “Nerds” in the navy blue vinyl.

Step 9

Before cutting your second design, change the size to 8 inches. Then cut the glasses and tie design from your navy blue vinyl.


Cut Out Nerds and Glasses Navy Vinyl Pieces

Step 10

Next, remove your cut vinyl from the mat and then cut around your designs.


Weeded Nerds and Glasses Navy Vinyl Pieces

Step 11

Again, weed the designs so that only the word “Nerds” and the glasses are left.

Step 12

Now pull out your t-shirt and warm up your EasyPress to 340° Fahrenheit.

Step 13

Place your shirt on a heat-safe surface like an ironing board.


EasyPress on Grey Shirt

Step 14

Once your EasyPress is heated, press the area of your shirt where the design will go.


Nerds Rule Design Laid Out on T-Shirt

Step 15

Then line up your design on your shirt. Make sure none of the design overlaps the plastic from another part otherwise your design will stick to the plastic instead of your shirt.

Step 16

Next, cover the design with a piece of cloth to protect your shirt from the heat. I used a second t-shirt but you can also use a towel or cotton napkin too.


EasyPress on Shirts

Step 17

Press your design for 30 seconds.

Step 18

Then flip your shirt over and press the design from the back for another 30 seconds.

Step 19

Allow your design to cool completely.


Finished Nerds Rule Design on T-Shirt

Step 20

Lastly, carefully peel off your plastic leaving only your design on the shirt.


Close Up of Boy Wearing Nerds Rule T-shirt with text overlay - DIY Nerds Rule Teeshirt

I know I’m late to the game but I hadn’t done anything with vinyl yet. I have only used my Cricut for scrapbooking but I know that even my basic version is capable of a lot more. This DIY nerds rule t-shirt is totally proof of that. Even better, my little man loves it and I think it’s the perfect shirt for my super awesome nerd!

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Boy Wearing Nerds Rule T-shirt with text overlay - DIY Nerds Rule Teeshirt


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