Creating Your Future February 2017 Goals

It’s a new month and you know what that means! It is time to evaluate last month’s goals and set new goals to rock. Don’t forget to print out your free Monthly Goal Setting Planner to make it easy to rock your goals each month. To help you out, I’m sharing my goals each month and letting you know what worked or didn’t. You can be inspired and encouraged to create your future with your goals. Start with your February 2017 goals and start living a life you love!

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You can be inspired and encouraged to create your future with your goals. Start with your February 2017 goals and start living a life you love!


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You can be inspired and encouraged to create your future with your goals. Start with your February 2017 goals and start living a life you love!

January Goals Evaluation

Business Goals

Start Outlining Products – Success

  • Inspiration has hit at the craziest times for these so I’ve started carrying around a notebook to jot stuff down immediately.

Affiliate Income – Success

  • No, I didn’t earn thousands of dollars (yet). However, I did experiment and got some great ideas to move forward with. I did see an increase in income even though it was less than $100.

Build Twitter Following – Success

  • While I haven’t reached my goal of 5,000 followers yet, I did see an increase so it’s coming along.

Finance Goals

Save $100 – Fail

  • A crazy thing happened with our pay this month. We found out that our insurance hasn’t been withdrawn correctly for 6 months! This has resulted in a $400 difference in our pay each month (not exactly a small chunk of change). I am now in the middle of a budget re-haul to make saving a priority.

Grocery Freeze – Success

  • This was a little too successful. My grocery freeze inspired my mom to clean out her pantry and freezer. She then gave some of the items to me. A lot of it is baking supplies such as sea salt, flour, and etcetera. The kids are ecstatic because it also included items like boxed Mac-n-Cheese which I never buy.

Re-Read The Total Money Makeover – Success

  • I seriously love this book. It is always so inspiring. I can’t wait to rebuild our emergency fund and be debt-free (which is pretty much just student loans and a mortgage at this point). I’m also excited to start researching investing so that we’re ready to give it a try when we make that final debt payment.

Organization Goals

Finish Office – Fail

  • Holy cow do I own a lot of stuff! This move has inspired me to pare down my craft supplies. Lucky for you, this is going to mean an awesome spring cleaning giveaway in April because I’m going to pass it on to you!

Continue Purging – Success

  • The more stuff I get rid of the more I want to get rid of. That is why I’m choosing to purge craft supplies now in addition to everything else.

Self-Improvement Goals

Daily Routine – Fail

  • Remember the insurance thing from above? Yes, that craziness resulted in being off of my anti-depressants for 3 weeks. That has made a lot of things a struggle. Thankfully, we were able to get it worked out and I’m getting leveled off. Yay!

Move – Success

  • Admittedly, moving my office made this pretty easy. Every item is coming from the main floor to the basement so that is a lot of stairs each day.

Family Goals

Learn Something New Together – Success

  • We have started having weekly family meetings and one of the things we do during each one is learn something.

Try Out New Family Night Activities – Success

  • My oldest really loved our video game race night and the stop-motion video we made was a big hit as well.


You can be inspired and encouraged to create your future with your goals. Start with your February 2017 goals and start living a life you love!

February 2017 Goals

Business Goals

Continue Product Work

  • I want to set a firm timeline because right now I’m just dealing with this amorphous “end-of-the-year” deadline. That does not make a good or productive plan.

Finish Posts in Editorial Calendar

  • If I learned anything from not having my medicine in January it is that I want to be at least 3 months ahead on my site. I have every post mapped out through April and ordered lists for both what to write and what to make. I want all of it to be finished before the end of February.

Build Twitter Following to 5000

  • That is more than double what I have now so this is an ambitious goal. I am going to be working my little booty off to make this happen!

Finance Goals

Reorganize Finances

  • Since the $400 pay difference will be here for the foreseeable future, a financial restructure and re-evaluation is in order.

Save Something

  • Even if it is only $20, I will make saving money a priority.

Organization Goals

Finish Office

  • This will actually be completed within the next week. Purging items is going to help immensely.

Continue Purging

  • I am already in full spring cleaning mode. I want a light and clean home to fill with memories and not stuff.

Self-Improvement Goals

5,000 Steps Daily

  • I know that 10,000 is the recommended amount but I am currently logging around 2500 a day. My awesome Jawbone Up2 makes it so much easier to track this. I’ll tell you more about this awesome tool in a future post.

Make More Time for Friends

  • This is an area of my life that I am failing at miserably. I know that we are all in a stage of life that can make this difficult but it is important to me. I want to be better at making time for friends a priority.

Family Goals

Continue Family Meetings

  • After only 2 weeks this is already something that my kids look forward to each week. We sync calendars, learn something, have a treat, and more. Even my oldest has started improving at letting me know about school things that are coming up. This has been an area he has struggled with this year so I’m very happy that the family meetings are helping. I highly recommend starting these if you don’t have them already.

Regular Zoo Trips

  • This past year we haven’t used our zoo passes as much as we used to. It makes me sad because this is something our family loves to do. That is why I want these to become a priority for us.


You can be inspired and encouraged to create your future with your goals. Start with your February 2017 goals and start living a life you love!

I have to say that I am incredibly proud of January. Despite having some serious struggles without my medication, I still managed to accomplish most of my goals. That is why the Monthly Goal Setting Planner is such an important tool. It lets you plug in your goals and the things you need to do each day to achieve them. Without it, I know that January would have been a lot less productive. Now I’d love to hear about your February 2017 goals and how you rocked January! Let me know in the comments!

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