Easy DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

With Easter right around the corner, it is time to start planning. Decorating Easter eggs is a fun family tradition to do with your kids each year. That tradition doesn’t have to be boring, though. These easy DIY Easter egg decorating ideas let your family add some personal flair to your eggs this year.

Collage of Decorated Easter Eggs with text Overlay: Easy DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas


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Marimekko Decorated Easter Eggs

How to Do Marimekko Easter Egg Decorating (Pillar Box Blue)

There is no doubt that these eggs have style! Luckily, they’re super easy to make too. Find out how at the tutorial above.


Styled chalkboard egg in gorgeous blue place setting

DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs (Celebrating Everyday Life)

If you are looking for an elegant Easter egg idea it doesn’t get better than these chalkboard ones. The entire place setting looks like something right out of a magazine!


Clear Plastic Eggs Filled with candy and decorated to look like bunnies

Easter Bunny Egg Treats (White House Crafts)

Need a festive way to deliver those treats? Look no further than these bunny eggs. They are fun and colorful, not to mention, crazy easy with the help of her printable.


Multicolored Dyed Eggs

7 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs (Magical Mama Blog)

See the different traditional methods in action with these great ideas from Magical Mama.


Natural Egg Shell planters with air plants inside

Natural Blue Eggs Used as Planters (Our Crafty Mom)

Go the natural route with these adorable planters. These are great for place settings or on the window sill as decoration.


Wooden Easter Eggs with Color Blocked Paint Design and text overlay: Color Blocked Easter Eggs

Color Blocked Easter Eggs (Simply Designing)

I’m absolutely in love with these adorable color blocked eggs! They are totally easy to make and perfect for your spring coffee table.


Galvanized Wooden Easter Eggs in Container

Galvanized Wooden Easter Eggs (Duct Tape and Denim)

Anyone else love all things galvanized? Now you can include the look in your Easter décor too.


Overhead photo of crystalized egg vases with flowers inside

Crystalized Egg Vases (The Scrap Shoppe Blog)

Anything crystalized is super pretty and these eggs are no exception. Fill them with pretty flowers for a colorful seasonal update.


Naturally dyed Easter eggs in an egg carton

How to Make All-Natural and Farmhouse Dyed Egg (Pink Fortitude)

Find out how to create colored eggs naturally with these ideas from Pink Fortitude. These are great for your farmhouse style.


Collage of Decorated Easter Eggs with text Overlay: Easy DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Which of these easy DIY Easter egg decorating ideas will you make with your family this year? Try out multiple styles and make it a fun competition for your family to see whose design is the best! Now, it’s time to start the Merry Monday link party. Share your latest posts with us and check out what your friends have been up to. See you down there!

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Collage of Decorated Easter Eggs with text Overlay: Easy DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

5 Tips for a Debt Free Easter + Printable Budget

Holidays are one of the most common ways to throw off your budget. The hard truth is that they shouldn’t be. The holidays come around the same time every year and you can prepare for them. You might think, “Oh, my husbands bonus always come around that time. We’ll be fine.” Then, guess what. One year it doesn’t and you don’t have a plan. What do you do? Resort to credit cards to cover the expense… except you can’t because we cut those babies up. Dip into your emergency fund? That takes away from a real emergency. No. You make a plan now with these 5 tips for a debt free Easter and stick too it.

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Collage of Pastel Eggs and printable Easter Budget with text overlay: 5 Tips for a Debt Free Easter


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3 Kids sitting on a couch holding Easter Baskets

The cheapest way to fill an Easter basket is with candy because it costs so much less than toys or trinkets. Unfortunately, I hate having that much candy in the house.

The kids get candy for every holiday from the grandparents (3 sets) and on some occasions from the extended family as well. Since my kids only get 1 piece of candy a day, this candy hangs around the house forever.

That’s why I opt for gifts in their baskets instead of candy and still manage to do it for under $50. You can ready more specifically about that at How to Fill 5 Easter Baskets for $50 but right now let’s get on to the rest of the budget tips.


Sample Photo of Easter Budget Printable

Set a Cash Budget

This is the most important step, first and foremost. Look at your budget for this month and determine what you can reasonably spend on Easter. Include everything that will cost you money.

Need a dish for the family dinner? That goes in the budget.

Need new plastic eggs? They go in the budget. Haha, just kidding. Those things seem to multiply like, well… bunnies.

The point is, anything you will be spending money on should go in the budget.

Need help? My subscribers can get a free printable Easter budget in the VIP resources library!


Young Boy Carrying Plastic Grocery Bag

Use What You Already Have

This is another big one. Don’t go out and buy new baskets for the kids.

If their Easter clothes still fit, they don’t need new ones.

Do you buy rice in bulk? Use that to create a side dish for the family dinner.

When you get creative, you can find 50 ways to save more money.

Looking for an awesome reusable egg hunt option? Check out how to make DIY Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Bags!

Crying Toddler carrying Easter Egg

Fill Baskets with DIY Projects

Feed your creative side and save money at the same time with DIY projects. I have several easy projects to help you out, just to name a few:


3 Kids sitting on a stoop with Easter Baskets

Buy In Sets

This is a great way to save money on basket fillers. Tons of kids toys and treats come in multi-packs.

Use that to your advantage. For little kids, think bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and figurines.

For teens and tweens try multi-packs of ear buds, nail polish, and notebooks.

You can find a lot of this stuff at the dollar store.


Smiling baby looking up

Host a Pitch-In

Save money on the big family dinner and host a pitch-in. Everyone brings a dish to share with everyone and you’re responsible for your own drinks.

That keeps the financial burden from falling squarely on one family’s shoulders.


Woman holding baby

Have a Family Brunch

Instead of a big Easter dinner, have a family brunch. Eggs and waffles feed the same amount of people for a lot less.

You still enjoy the day together with the extended family but everyone is on their own for dinner.



Pastel Eggs with text overlay: 5 Tips for a Debt Free Easter and Picture of Easter Budget Printable

Make plans now with these 5 tips for a debt free Easter and keep going strong on your financial goals. It is possible to have a wonderful holiday with your family on a tight budget.

Also, a bit of encouragement for when you feel like your money mistakes are cheating your kids: they aren’t going to remember what they got in their Easter baskets 5 or 10 years from now.

They will remember the excitement of the surprise, being with family, and having fun. So don’t stress momma. You’ve got this.

What other ways do you save on Easter? Any fun traditions you have that are unique to your family? Let me know!

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Collage of Pastel Eggs and printable Easter Budget with text overlay: 5 Tips for a Debt Free Easter


More Ideas You’ll Love:

Hopping Adorable Bunny Crafts for Easter

Don’t let Easter sneak up on you. Get ready now with these hopping adorable bunny crafts.

Collage of Bunny Crafts with text overlay: Hopping Adorable Bunny Crafts for Easter

You always blow your budget when you're unprepared for holidays. Get ready now with these hopping adorable #bunnycrafts. #Easter Click To Tweet

We are switching gears this week and getting ready for Easter. Don’t forget it is the first day of April this year.

You only have 3 weeks to get ready. You’ve heard me say this often but I’m going to remind you again. You wreck your budget when you’re unprepared for holidays.

It leads to last minute shopping with no budget because there is no time to bargain shop or DIY anything, like these adorable bunny crafts!


Bunny Ears Headband with pipe cleaners and plastic eggs

DIY Bunny Ears from Dollar Tree Pipe Cleaners (Dazzle While Frazzled)

These are such a simple DIY that kids will go nuts for. I totally recommend making a pair for each kid to put in their baskets. Then snap a photo of them wearing them for the scrapbook.


Hanging Easter Bunny Bunting on a wall

Easter Bunny Bunting (Create and Babble)

If you need a quick decoration idea, this project is for you. It is super easy to make plus, cute bunny tails!


Kids bunny sleep mask on lavender blanket with a teddy bear

30 Minute Bunny Sleep Mask (Hello Creative Family)

This is another awesome DIY for the Easter basket. You won’t believe how easy it is to make either.


Gray crocheted bunny with decor in the background

Crochet Simple Rabbit (Frau Tschi Tschi)

Do your little ones love stuffies? If so, surprise them with this easy crochet project. They also make beautiful decor for your mantle or Easter table.


Cardboard bunnies with crayons inside

Easter Activity Sheets + DIY Bunny Crayon Holders (The Scrap Shoppe Blog)

Looking for a simple craft to keep kiddos entertained while they wait for food to be served? It doesn’t get any easier than these adorable place mats and bunny crayon holders.

Moss Covered Bunny Burlap Canvas (Domestically Creative)

Raise your hand if you love dollar store crafts! This budget-friendly DIY is so gorgeous it’s hard to believe it’s made with items found at the Dollar Tree!


Pastel Bunny Pallet art on wall surrounded by vases with pink flowers

Adorable Wood Pallet Bunny Sign (Our Crafty Mom)

Paint crafts more your style? You will love this easy pastel bunny art. It is great for your holiday mantle this year.


Teal Easter Bunny Egg Hunt bag with Yellow Chick

DIY Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Bags (DIY Adulation)

Skip the plastic grocery bags this year and give kids these festive DIY bags for the egg hunt. They will have a blast toting these babies through the grass and as one reader noted: they can be stored flat unlike bulky baskets. Double score!


Collage of Bunny Crafts with text below: Hopping Adorable Bunny Crafts for Easter

Don’t let Easter blow your budget this year. Save money and do-it-yourself with these hopping adorable bunny crafts! Come back on Wednesday for more Tips for a Debt Free Easter. Stay on track with your financial goals and still have a lovely holiday. Now it’s time to start this week’s Merry Monday link party! Share your latest and great with us and see what everyone else is creating. We’re also welcoming new hosts for the month of March. Be sure to check them out on social media and give ’em a like!

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Collage of Bunny Crafts with text overlay: Hopping Adorable Bunny Crafts for Easter