How to be Productive during Football Season

It is that time of year again. That magical time that lets us know colder weather is around the corner and allows us to be best friends with total strangers, for a few hours at least. I am of course talking about that glorious season known as football season! (Insert Hank Williams, Jr. singing about being ready for some football here to help get you pumped up!)

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I will admit that on game days for my team, I can be kind of useless. I have been known to encourage cereal for dinner on game nights and once was relegated to writing a 10-page paper for a class in college during the Super Bowl half-time show (sorry, Teach). Luckily for you, you can learn from my mistakes and use these tips for how to be productive during football season and game nights especially.

Learn from my mistakes and use these tips to be productive during football season, game nights especially.

Make Commercials Work for You

Before the game starts, set a series of small goals and tasks to accomplish. During commercials, race against the clock to complete these tasks. Make sure your goals are super specific:

  • Put away 12 dishes.
  • Get trash out of can and set by the door.
  • Take trash to outdoor can.
  • Dust television and entertainment center.
  • Put new bag in trash can.
  • Vacuum rug in living room.

If you are watching the game somewhere other than home, you can still be productive. Pick tasks that you can do anywhere:

  • Make To-Do List for the following day.
  • Update or sync your calendars.
  • Add items to your budget for events you know are coming up such as:
  • Birthdays/Parties
  • Festivals
  • Book Fair at School
  • Halloween Parties/Costumes

**Tip: Don’t worry about working these into your budget yet. Just notate them on the months they are coming up. This gives you a jump start on your next budget session.

Learn from my mistakes and use these tips to be productive during football season, game nights especially.

Plan for Meals Early

If the game falls right around meal time, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen for it. Luckily there are so many options available, you don’t have to be.

  1. Set the crockpot. Crockpot meals make it super easy to have dinner ready with minimal prep and time.
  2. Have a living room picnic. Throw together something quick and easy, like these toasted ranch chicken sandwiches or these taco roll-ups. Then put a blanket down on the floor and eat with your family there. Kids will start to love football days if this becomes a tradition!
  3. Have meals earlier. If it’s a late game, plan to eat dinner at 5pm instead of 6:00 or 7:00. If your family starts getting hungry during the game, whip up some popcorn for them to snack on during half-time.

Learn from my mistakes and use these tips to be productive during football season, game nights especially.

Don’t Forget about Bedtime Routines

Again, if you are looking forward to a late game, don’t forget about your kids’ bedtime routines. Get baths done and jammers on before the game starts. This is also great opportunity to start some family traditions. Buy some special game night jammers for everyone in the family (or make your own). The best part about these is that each person can get them in the team they love!

Trust me, these tips will help make football season more enjoyable for everyone in your family. (Even those crazy pants who don’t “understand the draw of it”.)  Cheers to a productive season!

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I’m a nerdy, crafty mom of three adorable little kids. I love writing and creating, but in my non-existent free time I also love karaoke, taking my kids to the zoo, and reading. I got my degree in Science (no idea how that happened) but I took every English class I could get my hands on because, yeah, I’m that girl.

  • Thanks for linking up! I need to learn how to be productive during football games. I could spend from Saturday at 11am-til Sunday night watching football, leaving no time to get anything accomplished.

    • Marie

      Me too Lexi! Hope these tips help you get a little something done on the weekend! 😉

  • Great tips there but I don’t know why you wouldn’t get the kids and hubby to help with some of the cleaning up jobs.

    • Marie

      The kids and hubs are also expected to help with cleaning, I’m just the only one who becomes essentially useless during a game.

  • Soooo … I live in England. This post had nothing to do with me, but I read it anyway. Now I want to come and live at your house and have football nights!! Just the thought of taco’s sounds good to me.
    Hope the season goes well and the right team wins ( Is that even a thing?!)
    Great post xx

    • Marie

      Thanks Jade! You are welcome in our house for football any time! The only right team is whichever one you’re rooting for and in our house it’s varied (and if you love tacos, you’ll fit right in). So glad you enjoyed this!

  • I love your ideas! I need to get better at getting things done during commercials. I appreciate your tip about using the crock pot for meals. I have two (comes in handy when making a batch chili – one for hot, one for mild). I really do need to start utilizing them more often.

    We have four boys (two teens and two little ones). Due to our TV with antenna being in our room (not by choice, we’re in a rental so our options are limited), we have a picnic on our bed (thankfully it’s a Cal. King). We put towels down on the bed (to protect bedding from spills and messy hands) and enjoy watching together. If the little ones do fall asleep, we let them stay until they’re really “asleep” and them move them during commercials. 🙂

    ~Adrienne, stopping by from BeingAWordsmith’s Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party #24

    • Marie

      Adrienne another great thing to protect your bed is the felt-lined tablecloth. If you put the plastic side down you don’t have to worry about spills soaking through plus you still have something soft to sit on. P.S. Totally jealous of your bed. lol

  • This is a very nice post. Thanks for all the advice. I know I will need it this season. (;

    • Marie

      Thank you!

  • I love seeing all of the bengals photos! Makes my heart happy! I love the idea of accomplishing small lists of things in order to be more productive during commercials, etc!

    • Marie

      Whodey, Kayla!

  • Great tips! I love the idea of making small goals for commercial breaks! That’s a great one!

    • Marie

      It seriously helps so much to have a list for commercials! Hope yours helps you during games!

  • Stopping by from Erin’s! Great ideas! I live for football season but I really don’t like how our schedules get all out of whack! Your trips were great!

    • Marie

      Hi Holly! Our schedules always get out of whack too! Especially during my son’s flag football season which coincides with NFL season.

  • LOVE that you are a Bengals fan!!! 🙂 WHODEY- glad you linked up!!!

    • Marie

      Thanks Erin!

  • Being productive during game times can be tough with a preschooler 🙁 X still takes naps and most Browns games are on TV right at the same time. We end up hitting record to get him to sleep and then fast forward through all the commercials to catch up.
    I love the idea of bath time and pj’s before late games come on! I am now on the hunt for Browns pj’s for him…and maybe me too!

    • Marie

      Nap times can be ROUGH! We don’t have the option to record games, unfortunately, so we really have to plan! Lol

  • From that gorgeous first pic, I thought you were a Colts fan! We’re Colts, Packers, and Notre Dame fans here. I think the best thing you mentioned was having a picnic dinner while watching the game. That is our fave thing to do with the kids during a game! Man, I’m so useless during game days too…unless it’s a night game. I’ll have to keep this in mind this season!

    Stopping by from Erin’s! You should link up with us for Tuesday Talk this week (and every week!) – several hosts are doing the football theme with Erin. We’d love to have you! -Jess, Sweet Little Ones

    • Marie

      Lucas Oil stadium is a gorgeous stadium, but my husband is the Colts fan. I’m Bengals all the way!

  • I love this post!!!!! I am really excited for Football season, but it’s true that it does eat precious weekend time! I try to crockpot dinner or apps, or do little chores beforehand so I’m all set to do NOTHING during the game! 🙂

    • Marie

      Thanks Kaitlin! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that turns into a slacker on game days, lol!