Creating Your Future: March 2017 Goals

You may be wondering why I would share my goals and evaluations each month. More importantly, you may be wondering how it helps you. I share my goals with you each month for many reasons. One reason is accountability. If you set goals each month but no one knows about them, it is easier to push them back and put them off. The second reason is that I want you to be inspired to set and achieve your own goals each month. The third, and one of the most important reasons, is that I want you to see the evaluation process at work. Not achieving a goal you set can be good if you truly reflect and take a hard look at why you didn’t achieve it. That is how you grow. So take a look at what worked for me last month and how I plan to achieve my March 2017 goals!

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It is time to rock your goals again! Take a look at what worked for me last month and how I plan to achieve my March 2017 goals!


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It is time to rock your goals again! Take a look at what worked for me last month and how I plan to achieve my March 2017 goals!

February 2017 Evaluation

Business Goals

Continue Product Work – Fail?

Do you ever get stuck on a project? That is what has happened to me. I set aside time each weekday to work on this and I sat staring at pages of notes and outlines. That is why I’m not sure if this is a fail. The tiny snippets that came to me don’t feel like accomplishing much.

Finish Posts in Editorial Calendar – Success

Okay, so I didn’t finish every single one. In fact, there are things for Easter posts that I couldn’t even find in stores yet. However, I am ahead on posts and I continue to get further ahead each day. This has been huge for me, as you can imagine.

Build Twitter Following to 5,000 – Fail

I haven’t cracked that magical formula yet. In the last few weeks I have been seeing progress but no huge leaps. I am continuing to see growth. I will preserver in this.

Finance Goals

Reorganize Finances – Success

This was definitely priority number one for me. I can’t focus on anything if I don’t know that my finances are in order. Thankfully, everything is re-organized and back on track.

Save Something – Success

It wasn’t much but I managed to save $50. The best part is that by the end of March I have it budgeted to save up to $500. Can’t wait to see that $1000 finish line!

Organization Goals

Finish Office – Fail

Why is this failing for the 2nd month in a row? TOO. MUCH. STUFF. I now have boxes of items and supplies to get rid of and still don’t have a place for everything. It is time to do a second round of purging.

Continue Purging – Success

I am like a machine. With every load of laundry I keep a box handy for outdated or unused clothes. As rooms get cleaned, excess items go into a box. By the end of March I plan to have a home that is thousands of pounds lighter.

Self-Improvement Goals

5,000 Steps Daily – Fail

I am super disappointed in this one. I have added more dancing to my day (which is pretty impressive considering how much I already randomly burst into dance). I’ve also made sure that I get up and move each time my Jawbone vibrates. We now have a treadmill that I plan to spend an hour on each day. I hope that this helps me reach above and beyond my step goal.

Make More Time for Friends – Success

I was much better at making time for friends. There is still room for improvement but I am well on my way to a more balanced life.

Family Goals

Continue Family Meetings – Success

We haven’t found out weekly rhythm but we are still having family meetings. I think that finding the day and time that fit best is the biggest challenge.

Regular Zoo Trips – Fail

We didn’t make it to the zoo once in February. This is one that I intend to try again in March. I’m hoping that going ahead and putting zoo trips on the calendar will make them more likely to happen. The eventually warming weather should help too.


It is time to rock your goals again! Take a look at what worked for me last month and how I plan to achieve my March 2017 goals!

March 2017 Goals

Business Goals

  • E.B.A. 3.0 – I am so excited to be taking this! I took Elite Blog Academy last year but the changes Ruth has made are extremely exciting. I have actually already started on the course and I love it!
  • Grow Twitter to 5,000 – Yes, I am continuing to focus on growing Twitter. I refuse to give up! P.S. I’m taking part in an awesome giveaway this month that will focus on this! Yay!
  • Continue on Editorial – It is amazing watching my hard work pay off and I want to continue with that momentum. If I can keep up this pace, I will be done with my May posts by the end of this month!

Finance Goals

  • Business Finance Plan – It occurred to me that I am super obsessive about my personal finances yet I’m not doing the same for my business finances. I keep an expense schedule and a register. That’s it. I need to start planning ahead with my business finances as I do with my personal finances.
  • Build Saving to $500 – As I said earlier, I have built this into the budget. Hopefully I can stretch it to even more.

Organization Goals

  • Ruthless Purge – It is time to go room by room and ruthlessly get rid of items. This is my trial run before running a challenge for you in April. A clean home makes for a clear mind.
  • Finish Office – Yet again I am going to make this a goal. I need my organized office back. That is why I’m going to devote 20 minutes every single day to get it done.

Self-Improvement Goals

  • Reach 5,000 Daily Steps – The treadmill should make this entirely reachable. This is another goal that I’m determined to reach.
  • Continue Improving Balance – I will continue to work on those goals that help me achieve a better life balance. That includes continuing to make time for friends and for myself. I can’t be productive if I don’t take the time to recharge.

Family Goals

  • Zoo Trips on the Calendar – As I said above, I hope that by getting these on the calendar I can make sure that they happen. No more ad-hocking it.
  • Family Meetings – I want to get these on a finalized schedule that works for us.


It is time to rock your goals again! Take a look at what worked for me last month and how I plan to achieve my March 2017 goals!

There you have it! If you take a peek at November’s goals from last year you can see how far I’ve already come. You can have that, too. See a steady growth in your life and yourself with monthly goals. Don’t forget to grab your Free Monthly Goal Setting Planner to help you be as successful as possible. Creating your future is easy when you have the right tools. What are you waiting for?

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