When God Tells You to Slow Down

Moms work hard. Whether you stay at home, work at home, or work outside the home, you no doubt are working your tail off.  It can be hard to find leisure time either with you family or to yourself but when we’re honest, it’s not finding the time that’s difficult.  It is prioritizing the time.  I am incredibly guilty of not finding that work/life balance.  Lately, I have been pushing myself so hard that I was exhausted and burnt out.  There were signs that I needed to slow down but I, being the stubborn punk that I am, totally ignored them.  I kept pushing until earlier this week God body-slammed me with one of the worst 24 hour bugs I have ever experienced.  When God tells you to slow down you have two options:

  1. Ignore It
  2. Listen

I learned my lesson and I am going to listen from now on and I hope you will too.

Are you listening when God tells you to slow down?


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Importance of Listening

When I was sick we are talking couldn’t-get-vertical, thought-I-might-die kind of sick.  Just taking the oldest to the bus stop (a whole 50 feet away) felt like taking part in the Hunger Games while being stung by Tracker Jackers.  Once I felt better I could have said, “Okay God, I rested like you wanted,” and gone right back to work like I thought I should.  That wasn’t the point, though.  What He was really saying was that I needed to slow down.  I need to remember why I really do all of this.

Instead of going back to work, that kids and I along with a couple of friends took the advantage of the gorgeous 60 degree weather, a rarity this time of year, and headed to the zoo.  It was absolutely fabulous!  The sun was shining and because of the time of year there weren’t many people.  This meant the kids could have a little more freedom to run that usual and it meant mommy got some spectacular photos.  Even if I didn’t realize it before hand, God knew that this was what my family needed.

Your Blessings are Multiplied

After that day, I was able to come back at my work feeling fresh and re-energized.  Most importantly, so were the wee ones.  They got my uninterrupted attention which they needed.  They got to run and explore for hours.  Now, it is easier for me to have a few solid work hours because they have been reassured that they are still a priority.  All of that came from one simple outing that didn’t cost a dime outside of the gas to get there.

Days Off are Important

Days off are so important for moms, all moms.  You need to find a balance that is right for you and your family.  Remember that there is a difference between not working and actually taking a day off.  If you have a birthday party to go to you may not be working, but if you’re chasing your kids and cleaning up the entire time, that does not count as a day off.  If you are feeling exhausted, burnt-out, or overwhelmed then take the day off.  These feelings are part of how God tells you to slow down.  Learn from my mistake and listen.  How are you going to slow down this week?  Let me know in the comments!


Are you listening when God tells you to slow down?

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