Fun Peeps Inspired Crafts and Treats for Easter

Next weekend is Easter! Eek! Today we’re checking out ideas that are a little more fun. These fun Peeps inspired crafts and treats are a playful take on Easter.

Collage of Peeps inspired crafts and treats with text overlay: Fun Peeps Inspired Crafts + Treats


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This Easter is bittersweet for my family. My uncle recently passed away and all weekend we have been preparing all of the arrangements. As soon as this is over we will be forced to jump right into the holiday. It has definitely been a stressful time.

That’s why I wanted to do a playful round-up today. These crafts and treats brighten your spirits and remind you that there is always joy in the darkest times.


Colorful bunny straws with scattered candy around them

Bunny Decorated Straws (Keeping it Real)

It doesn’t get much more fun than these adorable bunny straws. They will make the kiddos get excited even when they’re drinking water.


Easter vignette with floral Peeps centerpiece arrangement

DIY 10-Minute Easter Peeps Centerpiece (Dazzle While Frazzled)

If you don’t love the taste of Peeps (like me) then turn them into awesome decor like this centerpiece.


Pudding cups with green frosting grass and bunny Peeps on top

Marshmallow Bunny Peeps Pudding Cups (Walking on Sunshine)

For the family members that love Peeps, make these adorable pudding cups. Guaranteed the kids will love them.


Framed Peeps printable

What Up My Peeps Printable (Bombshell Bling)

Okay, you seriously need this printable… and also put this on a shirt… and if there’s time, maybe a blanket. This design is just that awesome.


Easter bunny head cutout out cookie with pink filling

Easter Bunny Cut Out Cookies (The Flying Couponer)

While not expressly Peeps, these adorable cookies resemble their adorable heads. They’re also a great way to enjoy a bunny treat without eating those marshmallow bunnies.


Lavender bunny heads soap in ceramic container

Lavender Bunny Soap with Essential Oils (Simply Designing)

Have you ever seen such an adorable soap? Not only are these bunnies incredibly cute, they’re also infused with calming lavender. That will make the holidays more zen for you.


Lavender Easter bunny skirt on little girl

Easter Maxi Skirt Sewing Tutorial (Bombshell Bling)

Do you feel the itch to get sewing? This easy maxi skirt is the perfect fun craft to scratch that itch. Can you say most adorable mommy and me outfits ever?

How to Dip Dye Marshmallows with Food Coloring (Made in a Day)

Again, not expressly Peeps but I included it because it lets you make your own colorful marshmallow creations. All of your guests will love munching on these during the family dinner.


Collage of Peeps inspired crafts and treats with text overlay: Fun Peeps Inspired Crafts + Treats

How much fun are these Peeps inspired crafts and treats? I definitely need to get that “What up my Peeps” design on a t-shirt for sure. Don’t be surprised if you see me sporting it eclectically in July! Now it’s time to check out the Merry Monday link party. Share your awesome new projects and ideas then hop around and be inspired.

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Collage of Peeps inspired crafts and treats with text overlay: Fun Peeps Inspired Crafts + Treats