DIY Kids Summer Memory Books

These moments right now are the moments that you will look back on and wish you could have held on to. Long after the tantrums have subsided and kisses no longer heal boo-boos you will remember. You will long for the little humans your children used to be while simultaneously being proud of the adults they are becoming. That is why I believe in creating and preserving memories (probably a little too much if you ask my family). This summer, I’m trying something totally new with my kids. We’re going to work together to make summer memory books! I want a way to preserve a little piece of who they are, right now in these moments. Remember the activities, events, and crafts they get excited about. These aren’t just for parents to hold on to the memories. This is also for kids to have something they can look back on later in life and smile at who they used to be.

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Orange Spiral Bound Book with text overlay - DIY Kids Summer Memory Books


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DIY Summer Memory Books Materials


DIY Kids summer memory books Materials



Kids Crafting at Kitchen Table

Kids Crafting at Kitchen Table

Step 1

Let the kids decorate the cover of their memory books however they want. Younger children may need more hands-on help from you.


Close up of girl Crafting at Kitchen Table


Step 2

Have each child write his or her name and the current year on the back of the front cover.  (You can do this for them if they are unable to write yet.)


First page of orange summer memory book


Step 3

Throughout the summer tape keepsakes and pictures into the book.  You can also have the child journal periodically about their days and activities. This is the part to let his or her creativity shine!



Kids Crafting at Kitchen Table

Orange Spiral Bound Notebook with stickers on the cover

It is that simple to create this summer memory book with your kids. It is also one of the closest ways you can get to hold on to these fleeting moments. This is an awesome activity for summer fun and an incredible keepsake that they can look back on for years to come. My kids are already crazy excited and all we have done thus far is decorate the covers! Keep all the fun coming on our Summer page!

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Orange Spiral Bound Book with text overlay - DIY Kids Summer Memory Books