Happy September! It is time for this week's Merry Monday link party 170 but before we get to it, I want to update you on a few changes. As the busy holiday season is quickly approaching, we will be changing things up again. The round-ups will temporarily be replaced with

As the gardening season winds down, we have fresh vegetables coming out of our ears. A lot of our friends and family have their own home gardens. That meant that even though my mom didn’t grow zucchinis this year, a friend did and gave me some of the overflow. Score!

 Football season is here! On Saturday I am watching the game with my 2 youngest children and even though it is pre-season, I get into it. I am 100% that annoying person yelling at the TV like they can hear me. Then the most adorable thing started happening. The 3

Family game night is a fun, frugal way to spend time together. As your family grows, so does the fun. Laughter and conversation are a fantastic part of game night but they also lead to losing track of turns. Constantly asking, “Whose turn is it?” gets frustrating, especially with younger

Have you ever taken on a project that kicked your butt? When you are planning a project the steps seem easy on paper. Of course, then you start making it and holy cow! It takes so much more time and energy than you expected. It can be discouraging. There is