I will admit it. I was a minivan snob. I wanted my SUV or nothing at all. Then the time came that I had to replace my beloved Durango. Every SUV we looked at that had the upgrades I needed, such as 3rd row seating, were simply out of our

This week is our last Halloween themed round-up. It is fitting that the last round-up should be ghosts. Halloween and ghosts go together like biscuits and gravy. Here are 8 ghostly DIY crafts and treats to delight your party guests this Halloween. After you check out the awesome DIY’s continue

Many of you have probably seen the #MeToo floating around social media. It's important for the world to see how many women this affects. It is a sad and scary aspect of this world that is not localized to any specific country or socioeconomic status. It affects everyone. Letting people

Giving to others is important and something you know that you want to teach your children. Of course, children learn best from watching their parents model the behavior. What do you do when you don’t have the money to give to causes that need it? How do you donate your

Calling all my zombie lovers out there: it is time for more zombie love! Whether you are throwing a spooky zombie themed Halloween party or just want to binge some Walking Dead with friends, I’ve rounded up easy and creepy DIY zombie party ideas to make it a spooky success.

Are you ready for an awesome fall game that entertains kids all season long, including Thanksgiving Day? That is exactly what this DIY pumpkin pillow fight game is. Let’s face it; there are a lot of aspects of the big family dinner at Thanksgiving that just aren’t fun for little

What activity are you checking off of your family’s fall bucket list this weekend? Watching Hocus Pocus is always a necessity for our fall bucket list. Unfortunately, the kids don’t always have the patience to sit still for it especially since they have seen it so many times. This year