Why All Moms Need a Journal for Self Discovery

Did you have a diary when you were little? Have you ever gone back and read it as an adult? If so then you probably laughed at how silly the things you wrote about were or cringed at mistakes that you made. That’s a part of self reflection and that is why all moms need a journal.

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I originally wasn’t going to write about this first but then I realized that this is the perfect starting point for how to rediscover yourself after marriage and motherhood. Whether you love journaling or hate it, the fact is that is the quickest and easiest way to implement self reflection. Self reflection is key to growth.

A journal is also the best way to have a conversation with yourself. Once you get it out on paper, you can look at whatever is going on more objectively. Journals allow you to get to the root of problems, see how far you have come, and record your desires for the future.


Think Positive Be Positive Journal next to Pens

How to Choose a Journal

The journal you purchase depends on how you plan to use it. Since your new journal will be the glue in this process, I have a few recommendations for what to look for:

Spiral Bound

Heavy Cover

Lined Paper

Using Your Journal

Again, this is such an important and lengthy journey that I want you to have a journal dedicated to it. Don’t use some wide ruled notebook leftover from school supplies shopping. Purchase a dedicated journal for this process that you truly love.

Throughout the next 29 days I will reference your journal a lot for exercises and assignments. Purchase yours now to be prepared.


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Have a Conversation

When you get stuck or scared, use your journal to talk it out with yourself. Sometimes this means writing out everything you are feeling then stepping away for a day or two. When you come back to your journal with fresh eyes and emotions, you can work through what was troubling you with more clarity and logic.

I recommend breaking your journal up in two for this. Use the front half for how to rediscover yourself after marriage and motherhood. Then start from the back for any conversations you have with yourself. This makes it easy to find both within the journal quickly.


Woman Looking in Mirror with text overlay_ Forced Reflection

Forced Reflection

As I said above, a journal is the perfect way to force self-reflection. As you go through this journey, look back at where you began to reflect on how far you have come. You will inevitably be able to see how far you have come even when it doesn’t feel like you have come very far.


Think Positive Be Positive Journal next to Pens with text overlay: Why All Moms Need a Journal

Your journal is also the tool you will use for How to Practice Mindful Reflection at the end of this series. Consider your journal the ultimate tool for everything you are doing this month.

Don’t let a dislike of writing deter you from this. The conversations and forced reflection alone are why all moms need a journal. It is the best way to make these things habits and gather your thoughts. Introspection is a muscle and like any muscle, it gets stronger with practice. Journaling is no different. At the end of this journey, your journal with prove invaluable.

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Think Positive Be Positive Journal next to Pens with text overlay: Why All Moms Need a Journal

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