Unique Alternative Ideas to Help You Find Yourself

Once you have laid the groundwork, you can start looking at alternative ways to continue growing. Here are 5 unique alternative ideas to help you find yourself. From sleep hypnosis to minimalism, these ideas are perfect to go deeper in your rediscovery journey.

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All of these unique alternative ideas to help you find yourself will help on your journey of rediscovery. It’s time to create lasting change in your life. Click To Tweet

I started doing yoga in high school. I’ve never been a die-hard Yogi but I stumbled upon Yoga Zone on the TV and loved it. I started following one every morning before school.

One of my favorite parts was the meditation at the end. I noticed that it really set the entire tone for my day and I was definitely affected when I missed a day. It had such effect that I have continued doing meditation even when I fall off the fitness wagon.


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How I Started

That’s how I started opening my mind to more alternative methods of wellness and growth. Later, when taking psychology in college, instead of being turned away from these ideas they actually made a lot more sense. The brain is incredibly powerful. Countless studies show that and the myriad unconscious things that it does for you daily are further proof.

When you are exercising, focusing, and strengthening such a powerful organ, is it really any wonder the amazing things you can accomplish? For that reason, even if you think this stuff is a little “hippy-dippy” for your tastes, I urge you to give them a try.

Sleep Hypnosis

This one I’ve only recently started doing in the last 3 months but it truly makes such a difference. For starters, if you struggle with falling asleep at night, like me, these sessions help you fall asleep. As you continue doing them, you will find yourself falling asleep more and more quickly. This is because you are training your brain that it is the cue for sleep in addition to the words that are spoken.

Furthermore, as you hear the same phrases and affirmations again and again when you sleep, they will stick in your brain. As with most things, don’t expect instant results. To give it a fair try, do it consistently for a week. If at the end of the week it still isn’t your thing, what have you really lost?


Life Coach

This one I haven’t tried yet but it is something I hope to do within the next year. A life coach is someone who helps you determine where you want to be (in life, your career, and your relationships) and then helps you create a plan to get there.

This isn’t like therapy (which I have done). Therapy is typically meant to help you explore your past, learn who you are, and heal from hidden pain or “fix” something. A life coach helps you focus on the future and then help you with the plan and accountable to attain what you want.



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Take a Solo Trip

Much like dating yourself, taking a solo trip really helps you get to know yourself and grow. When there are no expectations and no one else to take care of, you can do anything that you want. More importantly, it forces you to bravely try new things alone. That is a powerful experience.

If you do find that you spend the entire time in your hotel room, you can come home with an idea of areas you need to improve. A trip is meant to be an adventure. Don’t let fear prevent you from trying new things.


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Try Meditation

As I said above, I love meditation. It is the only time in my day that my brain isn’t running a thousand miles an hour. It takes practice, but when you focus everything on your breath or the words spoken in guided meditation, there isn’t much room for other things.

Moms especially seem to have trouble turning their brains off, so to speak. Meditation is an intentional way to do this. It is amazing how focused and refreshed you feel after even 10 minutes of meditation.

I don’t have a recommendation for this because I don’t use much guided mediation outside of the ones at the end of my Yoga Zone DVDs. There are plenty out there for you to try, though. Start with YouTube to dip your toes for free. Then you can invest in items once you discover your personal style.


This is another one that I have yet to try but when I look at all of the ‘stuff’ in my house, it is intriguing. For starters, living with less frees up your time. Less things in your home mean less things to clean and maintain.

Secondly, when you don’t have all of the clutter, you find more mental clarity and can even see an improvement in mood. I suffer from depression and when things are chaotic in my environment it translates to feeling more chaotic inside. I have more flairs, my thoughts are unfocused, and I struggle with motivation when my house isn’t clean and organized.

Keep in mind, that you don’t have to be an extreme minimalist. Figure out what minimalism means to you and aim for that. Here are a few resources to help you get started:


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All of these unique alternative ideas to help you find yourself will help you on your journey of rediscovery. Remember, you’ve already done the hard work. Now it’s time to build upon it and create lasting change in your life. If you haven’t already checked out the other posts in this series, I urge you to go back and work through them now. They truly help you lay the foundations that break you out of the mom rut and truly love yourself and your life.

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