Turn Someday into Today – Live Your Best Life Now

How many times have you caught yourself saying, someday I want to *insert desire here* only to have years go by? This is a common form of procrastination that isn’t limited to moms. It is time to turn someday into today and live your best life now.

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How many times have you said, 'someday I want to...' and years go by? Realize that you are procrastinating and it is more urgent to turn someday into today. Click To Tweet

My mom told me a story one day about realizing how she always said, “Someday I’m going to do that.” One day the realization hit her that “someday” never comes. She decided in that moment to turn someday into today and start doing the things she wanted.

I always think about that story when I find myself saying things like, “One day I’ll go to Hawaii” or “Someday I want to take the kids zip lining.” In those moments, I reflect on my mom’s words and think about the real reasons I’m saying someday.

For instance, a trip to Hawaii isn’t exactly in the budget while we’re paying off debt. So saying one day for this isn’t putting it off, it’s pragmatic and responsible.

Taking the kids zip lining on the other hand is an activity that we could totally make happen right now. Saying someday for this one is procrastination. This is an activity I should prioritize.


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How to Turn Someday into Today

If you find yourself saying someday a lot, I have some tips to help you turn someday into today. Feel free to use one or all of them to help you live your best life now.

Be Cognizant

This is the easiest way to start being mindful about things you are putting off. Oftentimes this presents itself for moms in the form of saying, “Someday I’ll start going to the gym” or “Someday I’ll try that pottery class.”

When you catch yourself thinking or saying these things, pause and think about why. When you are cognizant about when you’re saying these things, it is easier to reflect.


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Start Small

In the example I used above, the expensive vacation isn’t in the cards until we’ve paid off our debt. However, in the interim there are smaller “somedays” we can do.

The same goes for you. If you have always wanted to join an adult sports league but can’t work it into your schedule yet, find a pick-up game or volunteer to be an alternate for a team.

This lets you ease into the activity until you finish optimizing your schedule.

Bonus Example:

Make a Yearly To-Do List

Moms know the importance of a to-do list to stay on top of daily tasks. However, what if you took that same approach to fun and trying new things? Imagine how much more fulfilled you will feel checking those things off of your list.

Learn more about how to Make Time for Fun with a Yearly To-Do List.

Essentially, this is a list of activities, events, and new experiences you want to complete throughout the year. When you put them on paper it forces you to notice when too many months go by without checking one off. Also, there is something so satisfying about completing tasks on a to-do list that you actually love and want to do.


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Break Down a Long Term Plan

If you ever want to achieve the truly big things that you keep putting off until the amorphous someday, you need to create a broken down long term plan. Start with the end goal in mind and work your way back in steps you need to take to get there.

For example, if you want to travel the world, make a plan for it. Make a list of all of the places you want to see, then either gear your plan towards a retirement that accommodates those plans or break it down into mini trips that you will take throughout your lifetime.

Continue breaking the long term plan down until you have small, actionable steps you can start completing today. This can be as simple as saving $100 a month toward your next trip until you can afford it. It ensures that you are consistently working towards it and is small enough that it doesn’t impede your current lifestyle. That is the ultimate place you are trying to get to when it comes to breaking down your long term plan.


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Once you realize that you are truly procrastinating when you say someday you will do something it makes it more urgent to turn someday into today. No more excuses and no more putting it off. It’s time to live your best life now and start truly making a dent in all of the many experiences you want to have in this life. Remember to be cognizant, start small, and make a yearly to-do list to motivate you to keep after it.

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