To All the Daughters without Their Mom

We will always lose our mothers too soon.  There is never a time that we will be ready for our mother to leave us, no matter what the circumstances.  Unfortunately, too many of my friends have lost their mothers in childhood or as young adults.  My heart breaks for them. I cannot fathom what it is like to receive the news that your mother is no longer in this world. My mom and I are freakishly close and being a mother myself, I know that NOTHING could ever break the bond between a mother and her child.  So to all the daughters without their mom this Mother’s Day, whatever the reason, I want you to know these things below.

Flowers on journal with text overlay - An Open Letter to All the Daughters without Their Moms


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She Sees You

She sees your struggles and your triumphs.  When you cry to her and wish her arms could just hold you in that moment, she hears you.  Her love is enveloping you in an amazing embrace even if you can’t feel it.


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She Doesn’t Want Perfection

You will always be perfect in her eyes.  Don’t worry if you make mistakes.  She did too.  We all do.  That is a part of life.  Mistakes teach us, even the ones we continue to make over and over.  And guess what, you are still perfect to her. She wants you to know that your mistakes do not define you. Your mistakes are molding you into exactly the woman you are supposed to become.


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She is Proud of You

She is proud of you. Even your smallest accomplishments, from choosing a healthy meal over that delicious cake or buying your first house, are moments of pride.  They are all amazing triumphs in her eyes.  She sees and has always known the amazing woman you are growing to be. Even when you are doubting yourself, she doesn’t. Her faith and pride in you is without end.


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She Loves You

This cannot be said enough.  Whether your mom said it constantly or almost never, it was, is, and always will be there.  It transcends our understanding and comes in many forms but your mom loves you.  Always.  Period.

It is never easy to live through the loss of your mom. It doesn’t matter if you know it is coming or if the loss is completely unexpected. I can remember the devastation I felt at receiving a call at 13 years old to inform me that my best friend’s mom had passed away during the night.  It was heart stopping.  I just sank to the floor with our phone still in my hand. That was how strongly it hit me even then when it was not my mom. The realization that it is your mother who no longer walks this earth is something that cannot be imagined, only experienced. Please take comfort in these words when you are wishing you could hear your mom’s voice one last time. Know that she is with you today and all the days of your life.

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Flowers on journal with text overlay - An Open Letter to All the Daughters without Their Moms


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