Tips for How to Practice Mindful Reflection

The last piece of how to rediscover yourself after marriage and motherhood is learning how to practice mindful reflection. Self reflection is how you continue to grow and improve long after working through the exercises in this series. The best way to do this easily is with your journal so make sure you have it handy.

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The last piece of how to rediscover yourself after marriage and motherhood is learning how to practice mindful reflection. Learn how with these tips! Click To Tweet

I whole-heartedly believe that mindful reflection is key to self awareness. Self awareness is something that I strive for daily. You can even ask my family, if I notice that I’m stressed out or tired and being extra snappy at everyone I apologize. Then, more importantly, I make a concerted effort to improve my attitude and my behavior.

That is not the only way that being self aware helps you, though. Self awareness is at the heart of everything you have worked on during this series. When you truly know yourself, enforcing your boundaries, treating yourself with love and respect, and growing as a person and a mom are all easier.


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Practice Gratitude

One of the best ways to practice mindful reflection is through gratitude. Focus on the things that you are thankful for in a deliberate way and do so daily. Gratitude changes your mindset which is important for mindful reflection without judgment. You want to reflect with a heart of compassion towards yourself.


This also helps improve your entire mood and outlook in general. Start your day with a quick gratitude practice and it sets the tone for your entire day.

Reflect on Your Goals

I do this every single month and it is so incredibly powerful. First, you have to set monthly goals. Then, at the end of each month, go over them noting which ones you accomplished and which ones you did not. Lastly, and most importantly, evaluate why you completed or didn’t complete your goals.

Be honest with yourself (no one’s going to see this anyway). Did you fail to complete a goal because you were lazy and didn’t work on it? Or, did you not complete it because your methods legitimately didn’t work. Dig into your results and adjust your plans for next month accordingly.


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Review Your Journal

Right now I want you to pull out your journal and look at your first few entries. If you worked through all of the exercises in this series, you likely don’t even recognize the woman who wrote those entries. That is the power of keeping a journal.

There will be times that you feel like you haven’t come as far as you want. In those moments, pull out your journal and take a look at just how far you have truly come on your journey.

You can also look for patterns in your thoughts and feelings. Do you notice that you get very sad or anxious after a particularly busy week? That can be a sign that you aren’t recharging like you should. If you struggle with depression, you can also use your journal to become aware of patterns in your dips. Your journal is a powerful, inexpensive tool to practice mindful reflection with.

Be in the Moment

Lastly, try being present in the moment. When you try to intentionally be in the moment you are automatically more aware of yourself. Think about it like this: it is recommended that you don’t do other things while eating because you are more prone to mindlessly eating and not recognizing cues that you are full.

The same goes for your emotions. If you are distracted during activities and conversations, you don’t notice when you are uncomfortable or boundaries are being crossed. Instead, the effects catch up with you later without you realizing the cause.

Additionally, being in the moment recaptures some of that childlike wonder. Kids aren’t worried about what has happened or what is coming. They are focused on what is happening right now. That means they feel everything deeply and passionately. Try to bring some of that passion into your daily life simply by choosing to be present in the moment.


Journal with Earrings and Pen on Top with text overlay - How to Practice Mindful Reflection

Practicing gratitude, reflecting on your goals, reviewing your journal regularly, and being present in the moment will help you continue on this journey you started 31 days ago. Now your know how to practice mindful reflection to for continued growth, confidence, and happiness.

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Journal with Earrings and Pen on Top with text overlay - How to Practice Mindful Reflection


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