Secret Project Reveal

Whether your marriage is struggling or thriving, you know the importance of intentionally building up your relationship with your spouse.  Books are so often the go-to resource when looking for tools to strengthen your marriage.  Today I’m letting my secret project out of the bag which as you can probably figure out will help you build up your marriage.  Before I tell you about the secret project, I want to tell you why I’m creating it.  Also, be sure to give me your feedback later in the post by commenting with your vote!


It is time for the secret project reveal and a chance to give your thoughts!


It is time for the secret project reveal and a chance to give your thoughts! #secretproject #giveyourvote Click To Tweet


Last year, I went looking for an interactive journal that spouses could complete together.  All I found were journals to document your marriage or prompts to list out reason you love your spouse.  These are great and can be a lot of fun to look back on when you are retired and sitting on the porch with your spouse years down the road.  However, they won’t help you build a strong marriage that will get you to that future together.  To help you grow intimacy and see your marriage stand the test of time I am creating the Build Your Marriage Journal.

Passion for Marriage

In case you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love marriage!  It is incredibly beautiful and brave when you commit to journeying through life with your spouse.  I cry at every wedding I attend and just watching weddings in movies brings on the tears.  This is because I have an innate desire and passion to build up every single marriage.  That’s why you will find free resources like this marriage wall art and these marriage conversation cards on DIY Adulation.

Build Your Marriage Journal

The Build Your Marriage Journal is a unique new tool that helps your marriage not only survive but thrive.  It does this by providing weekly journal prompts for you and your spouse.  This journal takes it a step further by also providing a weekly action for you to complete all designed to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Why Weekly?

Even though your marriage should always be your top priority, I also get that you are busy and have a lot of demands on your time.  This weekly journal helps you make the time to build up your marriage without falling behind on your never-ending responsibilities.

Who is the Journal For?

  • Newlyweds who want to start their marriage off with a strong foundation
  • Marriages that are struggling right now and are looking for ways to find the time to build intimacy and rekindle with each other
  • Seasoned marriages that want to continue to learn about each other and forge even stronger bonds


It is time for the secret project reveal and a chance to give your thoughts!

Your Input

As you know if you have followed DIY Adulation for any amount of time, I love things to have the two P’s: Practicality and Pretty.  I want your feedback on what cover for the journal you love best!  Comment below with your choice then be sure to check back next week to see if your favorite design was chosen!

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