Recycled Cardboard Disney Fund Bank

When my family decided to start planning a Disney trip for when my youngest is five, I knew we should start saving now.  I also wanted to get the kids involved to encourage working together as a family toward a common goal. I also wanted a way to keep them excited while we’re waiting for the years to pass until trip time. I love reusing cardboard in my projects and knew I wanted to use it for this recycled cardboard Disney fund bank. When we buy things that come in cardboard packaging and I can’t stand not seeing it put to use. 

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Pink Square bank with text overlay - Recycled Cardboard Disney Fund Bank

Flipping through a magazine, I saw a photo of kids playing with this adorable giant toy block and the light bulb went off. I could make a large recycled cardboard bank that we could all pitch money into! It could be pretty, functional, and recycled. Yay! Make your own Disney fund bank with these easy-to-follow instructions and start planning your Disney vacation today!

Recycle Cardboard Disney Fund Bank Materials


Step 1

Cut out 6 squares of cardboard roughly the same size. Don’t worry if they aren’t exact.  When you put them together later, it will hide imperfections.


Paper Covered Cardboard Squares

Step 2

Glue your paper to the cardboard squares.  I put my glue tape on the cardboard square and stuck it to the paper.  Then I cut out the cardboard square from the larger piece of paper.


Attached colorful squares splayed on wood background

Step 3

Starting with your bottom square, tape one of your cardboard squares (decorative side out) to each side of the bottom square. (See the picture above.)


Taped edges of square cardboard bank

Step 4

Fold up the sides of the box and begin taping each side together as well, forming a block.


Top of Bank with hole in the center

Step 5

Take your sixth cardboard square and cut a rectangular slit out of the top.  I just went from the back side with my scissors and then taped up the hole to clean it up some.


Quarter next to hole on top of bank

Step 6

Tape the last cardboard square to the top of your box.

Step 7

Write your savings goal on the outside of the box in pretty lettering.  If you don’t like your handwriting, you can always use stickers to do this.


Pink Square Bank with Minnie Mouse on it

It is that easy to make your own Disney fund bank.  It’s so pretty and you can personalize it with your family’s favorite Disney characters.  Is your family planning on taking a vacation to Disney?  Have you been recently and have recommendations on must-see attractions?  Let me know in the comments!

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Pink Square bank with text overlay - Recycled Cardboard Disney Fund Bank