Rainbow DIY Flower Mirrors Wall Art

It’s time to finally tackle those boring walls in your kid’s room without spending a fortune on wall art. Instead, head to your local Dollar Tree and grab the materials to make these awesome and bright rainbow DIY flower mirrors!

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Collage of Rainbow Flower Mirrors on Bright Backgrounds with text overlay - Rainbow DIY Flower Mirrors Wall Art


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My daughter is starting to get bored with her walls, so much so that she’s started hanging some weird things on it. As “pretty” as that juice bottle label is, I figured it was time to give her some unique wall art that didn’t come from a beverage or the million other strange places she’s finding her decorations.

Recently I saw these flat wooden flowers at our Dollar Tree and boom! Awesome wall decor idea. Since the centers of the flowers were empty, I wanted to add a little something more. You can always find small mirrors at the Dollar Tree because of the popularity for weddings and other events so I grabbed a few of those to add that missing element.


Close Up of Rainbow Flower Mirror

All that is left to make some fun and colorful pieces of wall art are some paint and Modge Podge. Within a day you have awesome new pieces of decor to replace that craziness happening on my daughter’s walls.


DIY Flower Mirrors Materials

Rainbow Flower Mirrors Materials

Step 1

First, remove any packaging and labels from your wooden flowers.


Orange Painted Petal on Wooden Flower

Step 2

Then begin painting your flower petals starting with your orange paint. Pretend there are invisible lines running down the petal indentations while painting. This helps you separate the petals.


Wooden Flower with Orange and Yellow Painted Petals next to Paint Pallet

Step 3

Next, paint the yellow petal on your wooden flower. It should be the petal to the right of your orange flower petal.


Wooden Flower with Rainbow Painted Petals next to Paint Pallet

Step 4

Continue painting the petals of your flower in the order pictured above (orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink).


Painted Rainbow Flower Drying

Step 5

After your flower is painted, set it aside and allow the paint to dry.


Rainbow Flower with Coat of Mod Podge

Step 6

Once your paint is dry, coat your entire painted flower in a layer of Mod Podge and allow it to dry.


Rainbow Flower next to Upside Down Mirror

Step 7

Next, remove the foam feet from the bottom of your mirror. Then adhere the mirror to the center of the dry rainbow flower with E6000.


Mirror Glued to Rainbow Flower

Step 8

Allow your glue to dry 24 hours before hanging your flower mirror.

Repeat these steps to make as many flower mirrors as you need. I only made 2 but I totally want to head back to the Dollar Tree to grab the materials to make a few more. My daughter loves them for her room!


Flower Mirrors on Pink Background with text overlay - Rainbow DIY Flower Mirrors Wall Art

These rainbow DIY flower mirrors are the perfect easy wall decor for a kids room or a play room. Of course, if you’re like me, they also look great in the living room to brighten it up. Instead of messing around with adding a hanger to the back of the flower, use a Command Picture Strip to hang them on the wall. The small size work fine because these aren’t very heavy even with the mirror attached. Clean them as needed with a slightly damp cloth and you’re good to go!

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Flower Mirrors on Pink Background with text overlay - Rainbow DIY Flower Mirrors Wall Art


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