Pompom Bunny Decor for Easter

When you’ve had enough of winter, the colors of Easter are a welcome bright spot in your home. Sometimes those colors aren’t enough and you want to amp up your colorful decor. This pompom bunny decor for Easter takes inspiration from the colorful eggs your kids love so much. Infuse that brightness and fun into your Easter decor with this easy tutorial!

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Collage of Pompom Easter Bunny with text overlay - Colorful Pompom Bunny Decor


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Bright colors seriously light me up. If I had my way, my home would look akin to a brightly colored candy store. It’s not just the color but the feeling that it evokes. Bright colors create a cheerful and sunny environment that brightens up the space and your mood.

Fun and colorful items shouldn’t be limited to the kiddos. Turn the tables this year and add that brightness to your Easter decor too. When choosing the pompoms to add to your bunny, keep the colors of Peeps and plastic eggs in mind.

I didn’t use any of the red, brown, or black pompoms. It simply brings that brightness and vibrancy down. Instead, stick with pink, purple, blue, green, and orange. I also added some white pompoms to mine but that’s entirely optional. Do what speaks to you.



Pompom Bunny on Candy Background

Pompom Bunny Decor Materials


Empty Cardboard Box

Step 1

First, cut any tape on your box and dismantle it so that it is flat.


Cardboard Box Cut into 2 Pieces

Step 2

Next, cut apart your box so that the 2 main sections are separated.


Bunny Outline Drawn on Cardboard

Step 3

Pull one cardboard piece in front of you and draw your bunny. Start with a large circle on the bottom. Then draw an oval overlapping the top of the circle. Lastly, add your ears to the top.


Cut Out Cardboard Bunny next to Scissors

Step 4

After drawing the bunny, cut it out of the cardboard.


Cut Out Cardboard Bunny on top of Piece of Cardboard

Bunny Traced on Piece of Cardboard

Step 5

Then use your bunny cutout as a stencil to trace an identical bunny on the second piece of cardboard.


2 Bunnies Cut Out of Cardboard

Step 6

Again, cut your bunny out of the cardboard.


Cardboard Bunny with Glue on It Next to Plain Cardboard Bunny

Step 7

Cover one cardboard bunny in glue after both bunnies are cut out.


Hand Holding Ribbon with Cardboard Bunnies in Background

Close Up of Folded Ribbon Glued to Cardboard Bunny

Step 8

Next, cut a piece of ribbon and place it folded over in the glue at the top of the cardboard bunny between the ears.


Cardboard Bunny with Ribbon Hanger

Step 9

Then firmly place your remaining cardboard bunny on top of the one covered in glue.


Cardboard Bunny Clipped with Binder Clips

Step 10

Attach binder clips around the edges of the sandwiched cardboard bunny to hold them together while they dry.

Step 11

Allow your glue to dry at least an hour before moving on (24 hours for E6000).


Step 12

After the glue is dry, remove your binder clips.

Step 11

Open your pompoms and add a line of glue along the bottom edge of your bunny.



Close Up of Glue and Pompoms

Step 12

Start adding pompoms in a random order to the line of glue. The only rule I followed was that 2 colors were not right next to each other (if possible).


Close Up of Bunny with Glue and Pompoms

Step 13

Continue adding lines of glue and pompoms to your cardboard bunny working from the outside to the inside.


Close Up of Top of Pompom Bunny

Pompom Covered Easter Bunny

Step 14

After your bunny is covered in pompoms, set a heavy book or similar on top and set aside to dry.



Side of Pompom Bunny with Ribbon Glued to It

Step 15

Lastly, glue ribbon around the entire edge of your pompom bunny and allow it to dry completely before displaying.


Pompom Bunny on Pink Background

Pompom Bunny on Wood Background with Pompoms

Pompom Easter Bunny on Candy Background with text overlay - Colorful Pompom Bunny Decor

This pompom bunny decor for Easter looks like a holiday themed gum ball display and I love it! Everything about it screams fun and cheerful which is just what you need after the dreariness of winter. Brighten up your walls on a budget and get ready for Easter with this easy and inexpensive tutorial.

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Pompom Easter Bunny on with Sequins with text overlay - Colorful Pompom Bunny Decor


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