Pink Glittery DIY Bookmark for Sparkling Book Lovers

Some people love sparkle. Even book nerds can love some glitter. What do you give a glitter-loving bookworm? This pink glittery DIY bookmark of course! It’s so simple to make and the perfect way to glitz up your reading.

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Collage of Photos of Pink Glitter Bookmark with text overlay - Pink Glittery DIY Bookmark


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Yep, I’m back with more glittery DIY fun! After making this pressed flower DIY bookmark last month, it occurred to me that I could make another super awesome bookmark with glitter. Let’s be honest. You’re reading more than one book at a time anyway so you need multiple bookmarks.

When you have the molds, there’s really nothing to making these. That’s leaves a lot of room for creativity and experimentation. You could technically make this any color you want, I simply really like hot pink. Feel free to use your favorite color in lieu of the pink glitter.


Close Up of Pink Glittery DIY Bookmark Next to Book

Pink Glittery DIY Bookmark on Lined Journal

Pink Glittery DIY Bookmark Materials

Step 1

First, put on your protective gloves. Don’t work with your epoxy resin without having them on.

Step 2

Add 1.5 tbsp of each element of your epoxy resin to your small plastic cup.



Mixed Clear Resin in Small Container

Step 3

Then stir the epoxy resin with a wooden stick until well combined.


Glitter on top of Clear Resin in Small Container

Step 4

Next, add in your glitter.



Pink Glitter Mixed Into Clear Resin in Small Container

Step 5

Once your glitter is on the resin, stir it with your stick. Make sure to get the glitter throughout the mixture.


Pink Glitter Epoxy in Small Bookmark Mold on Piece of Cardboard

Step 6

Lastly, pour your resin mixture into your small bookmark mold and let it set for 24 hours.


Pink Glittery Bookmark next to Mold

Step 7

After your resin has cured, pop the bookmark out of the mold.


Sanded Pink Glittery Bookmark

Step 8

Then use a Dremel to sand any rough edges and corners. Also sand inside the hole for the ribbon. You don’t want rough edges to wear through the tassel.


Close up of yarn threaded through hole in bookmark

Step 9

Wipe off any dust from sanding then thread your yarn through the hole in the top of the bookmark.


Pink Glittery DIY Bookmark with Tassel

Step 10

Finish your bookmark by securely tying the yarn to itself with a knot. Then trim any excess yarn.


Close Up of Pink Glittery DIY Bookmark Against Notebook

Pink Glittery DIY Bookmark with Tassel next to Journal

Close Up of Pink Glittery DIY Bookmark on Lined Notebook

I absolutely love how this turned out. It’s so pretty and pink and sparkly. It’s pretty much me in bookmark form, especially with the colorful tassel. Now you too can have a beautiful pink glittery DIY bookmark for marking your place.


Close Up of Tasseled Pink Glitter Bookmark with text overlay - Pink Glittery DIY Bookmark

This also makes a great gift idea because you can totally whip up a bunch of them at once. You’re only limited by the amount of molds you have. If you have 5 bookmark molds, you can make and cure 5 bookmarks at a time. Then you can give 4 as gifts and keep one for yourself. Now you just have to decide what book to read next.

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