Organizing Gifts and Wrapping

You have a ton of options when it comes to organizing your gifts and wrapping. Some lucky ladies have the space for an entire gift wrap station! If you are anything like me, you simply don’t have that kind of space available to you. Don’t let that keep you from keeping your gifts and wrapping organized. There are plenty of space-saving products you can buy or DIY’s you can make that will help you. Stay on top of organizing gifts and wrapping to make last minute gifts for birthdays, holidays, and hostesses.

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Organizing gifts and wrapping is one of the best organizing features for saving money. Find out why and how to do it here!


Organizing gifts and wrapping is one of the best organizing features for saving money! #organize… Click To Tweet



We save gift bags in our house because, frankly, the idea of getting rid of something used so briefly seems wasteful to me. The caveat is to make sure you use them. Don’t let them take up precious storage space if you are still going to go out and buy new each time you need one. Only you know yourself well enough to make this decision but if you don’t keep them, consider donating them to a store like Goodwill instead of trashing them.

Wrapping is a trickier one. Unless you buy enough gifts for every occasion to use an entire roll of wrapping paper, you will need to create a system for storing the leftovers. Having an organizational system in place also saves you money by allowing you to stock up when gift wrap is on sale (like the paper used to cover these storage boxes). There are a lot of options for this so I’m only going to share my favorite store-bought options and the system that we use.

  • Over-the-Door Organizer (Fabric or Wire)These are a great way to keep your stock in check because while convenient for storage, these take up limited space. With a smaller containment area, you know when you start accumulating too much and you can donate excess.
  • Free-Standing Organizer (Fabric or Plastic) These allow you to choose a larger size that will still fit within the space you have designated for storage. These are also good if you want to have 2 separate storage containers (typically one for Christmas and one for other occasions).
  • DIYIf it’s not in the budget to buy new organizers, there are a ton of options to make you own. You can also find a free drawer in your craft room or entertainment center if you have ones large enough.

I have personally used, or have family that uses, the above organizers for gift wrap. However, currently we use the closet side of an antique armoire my Papa gave us. This allows everything to be stored without fear of damage and also as the one-stop party supplies station. This will be shared in a later post.


Organizing gifts and wrapping is one of the best organizing features for saving money. Find out why and how to do it here!


When creating a space for organizing gift wrap, don’t forget to have an area for supplies as well. A hanging organizer is great for this if you are going the DIY route for your wrapping. Another option is to place supplies in a Ziplock bag and poke a metal hanger through the top for easy hanging. Supplies to remember to include with your gift wrap is:


Organizing gifts and wrapping is one of the best organizing features for saving money. Find out why and how to do it here!


This is an organizational area that many people don’t consider. However, if you are looking to save money, I highly recommend having a system for storing gift deals you find all year long. We use a large plastic storage container for this (the lid broke but I didn’t want to throw out the container since it was still usable). You can start saving money on your gifts by following these three easy steps:

  1. Find an area safe from the prying fingers and eyes of your family (namely, the tiny humans that live with you).
  2. Throughout the year, as you find incredible deals on gifts and toys, you can purchase them and store them for later.
  3. Pull these out if you need a gift for an unexpected birthday party, a hostess gift, or knock out Christmas gifts early to decrease the monetary burden around the holidays.

Not only will this system save you time, it will also save you money. If you choose to use your gift organizing system for Christmas gifts, make sure you keep a list that allows you to keep track of what you have bought and for whom.

Organizing gifts and wrapping is one of the best organizing features for saving money. You will see a huge savings if you are able to set up a system for organizing gifts throughout the year. Once you are done with this area, be sure to come back and get ideas for organizing your life from A to Z.

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  • Shirley Wood

    I must confess, I am a bit of a hoarder of gift wrapping supplies. I love wrapping gifts really pretty, especially at Christmas. I used the furniture in my guest bedroom to store most of the supplies. I love your tip to use a clothes hanger in a ziploc bag!