Keep Your Kids Safe Online with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Technology exposure for kids is inevitable in this day and age. Even when I was in grade school we played “learning games” like Oregon Trail on bulky computers with huge floppy disks. If you’re worried about letting your kids have free rein on your phone or their tablets, you’re going to love Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. It is an easy way to keep your kids safe online. If you are not sure on purchasing this just yet, in the mean time, you can always look into these gaming safety tips for parents. This will at least give you some information until you decide.

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Collage of Kids Playing with Tablets with text overlay: Keep Your Kids Safe Online with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

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I’ll never forget one of my first student teaching classes. It was 5th grade music and we did an entire study in the computer lab. I was blown away, like, computers to teach music? But it was a part of the curriculum.

Fast forward to years later when my kids are in school and they actually have tablets in the classroom for kindergarten. It is even a part of our kids’ lives at home. All 3 of my kids have tablets and love them.

Internet safety is now a core skill we need to teach our kids. It is also something we want to protect them with as much as we can. That’s where Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Comes in.

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What is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

When I first saw this, I had no idea it was for or pertaining to kids. Still, I was intrigued so I checked it out. I’m so glad I did because this service is amazing!

Essentially, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is a monthly subscription for you to keep your kids safe online when they’re on their tablets. It gives you easy-to-use controls that allow you to set screen limits, educational activity goals, and filter content.

What’s In It for the Kids

With Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, kids get free access to their favorite shows, age-appropriate books, and learning activities. They can listen to music and have crazy dance parties. Or they can play games while you’re on the road for practices and outings.

Close up of apps on a screen with text overlay: Works Across Multiple Devices

Works Across Multiple Devices

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited doesn’t just work on your child’s Fire tablet. It also works on your Android or iOS phone, Kindle, and Echo. All the while, you still control all of your child’s limits from your handy parental controls. This is seriously a game-changer when it comes to tools to keep your kids safe online.

How to Get It

If you are thinking about getting your kids a tablet, grab the Fire Kids Edition Tablet because it automatically comes with one year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. It’s the best way to get the most bang for your buck if you don’t already have tablets.

If you already own compatible tablets or want to try it out on your phone first, sign up for a free one-month trial. This let’s you find out if it is right for you and your family before committing. Of course, I think you’re going to love it so much, you’ll gladly pay the $2.99 a month subscription after that!

Girl Looking at a Tablet with text overlay: Keep Your Kids Safe Online with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Technology integration is here to stay but with tools like Amazon FreeTime Unlimited you can keep your kids safe online. Later, I’ll share my online safety tips to teach your kids before giving them free-rein on the internet. You wouldn’t drop them in the middle of downtown and leave them alone. The same goes for the online world. Until then, give yourself the best resources to keep your kids safe online and grab your free one-month trial of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited!

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Girl Looking at Tablet with text overlay: Keep Your Kids Safe Online with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

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