Inexpensive DIY Cactus Art Home Accessories

Do you love gorgeous decor but hate the small budget you have for it? You can totally make your own on a budget with items from your local Dollar Tree. These inexpensive DIY cactus art home accessories are perfect for creating gorgeous decor on a budget.

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Collage of Cactus Art in Frame with text overlay - Inexpensive DIY Cactus Art


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Some people roam Hobby Lobby and are inspired at every turn in the store. That’s exactly what it’s like for me at the Dollar Tree. Every time I go there (usually with a very specific list), I find no less than 20 items that I want to create something with.

In case you haven’t noticed, most Dollar Tree stores sell those re-positionable wall stickers. The options are always changing and recently I found a fantastic and colorful set of cactus ones. I knew immediately that I wanted to make something with them. The other awesome budget item you can always find at these are inexpensive frames. Boom!

That’s the perfect combination for some gorgeous new artwork for our home. Even better, the stickers included have colorful pots which are perfect for cheering up any space. I already had the paint so for a few dollars I have a new set of DIY cactus art that brightens up our newly decluttered living room. Come on, how awesome is that?


Multiple Pieces of Cactus Wall Art

DIY Cactus Art Materials


Different Size Frames in Packaging

Step 1

First, remove the packaging from your frames if needed.


Back of Frame without Cardboard Insert

Picture Frame without Packaging and Inserts

Step 2

Next, take apart the frames.



Large Painted Frame

Step 3 (Optional)

Then protect your glass from paint with painter’s tape, or (as I did), with the insert from your frame.


Painted Picture Frame without Inserts

Step 4

Once your glass is protected, paint your frames. Again, I cannot say enough about A Maker’s Studio rescue restore paint. It is absolutely phenomenal at both coverage and the even the smell!

Step 5

Set your frame aside to dry completely.

Step 6

Next, paint your remaining frames and set aside to dry.

Step 7 (Optional)

If you use acrylic paint the frames require a second coat of paint. Apply it after the first coat of paint dries and, again, set aside to dry.


Glass Insert next to Painted Picture Frame

Potted Cactus Stickers on Glass Rectangle

Step 8

While the frames dry, attach cactus wall stickers to the glass inserts that do not include matting.



Glass with Stickers Secured in Picture Frame

Glass Cactus Frames

Step 9

After your frames are dry, reassemble them without the backing, including the cardboard. You want the glass to be see-through.


Large Cactus Stickers Wall Art

Step 10

Lastly, add cactus stickers to the reassembled frames that include matting.

Step 11 (Optional)

Use an XActo Knife to trim any stickers that go over the matting in your frame.


Cactus Art in Frames with text overlay - Inexpensive DIY Cactus Art

These DIY cactus art home accessories are seriously easy to make and totally inexpensive too! You can find the main materials at your local Dollar Tree and you can grab the paint right here (I used Paris Flea Market). A small container of paint goes such a long way, especially because of how well it covers. That means you use even less! In addition to that, one set of cactus wall stickers makes up to 5 or 6 pieces of cactus art. That means you can create an entire beautiful gallery wall easily and on a budget.

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Cactus Art in Small Frame with text overlay - Inexpensive DIY Cactus Art


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