How to Create Customized Wall Decor on a Budget

Have you ever looked at the cost of custom framing? Yikes! Something as small as an 8×10 framed photo can cost $120 and that’s on the lower end of the spectrum. If that sounds crazy, find out how to create customized wall decor on a budget with my new favorite,

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Collage of Framed Kids Photo on Gallery Wall with text overlay - How to Create Customized Wall Decor on a Budget


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My walls have always been an amalgamation of frames that were gifts, pieces I’ve made, and wall art that was gifted to me. It has made for a hodge podge collection on the walls that isn’t exactly my style.

I wanted a change but the cost of framing is crazy, even when you don’t go for all of that ornately carved wood. That’s why when I learned about I was intrigued. Could I really get awesome customized wall decor on a budget? Turns out, yeah, I can and so can you.


Wood Framed Photo of Little Girl next to Plants and Coffee

Customized Wall Decor with

One of the best things about, besides the amazing prices, it that they print out your photos too. The entire process is super easy. Simply head to the website, choose your product, and upload your photo. They take care of the rest and ship it right to your door.

My order arrived quickly (less than a week from ordering) and the quality is absolutely spectacular. The photo quality is perfect and the frame is sturdy and beautiful. It’s like opening up a present that you know you’re going to love. Super exciting.

Of course, let’s get to the big question: How much does it cost? The photo and frame that I got is 16” x 20” and on a regular day only costs $79.90 which is already a steal compared to $120 for half the size at other places. However, also runs sales which can bring the price even lower (like, less than $50!). You won’t find the same amazing quality for that price anywhere else.


Wildlife Photo Gifts next to Plant

Save Even More

As if those amazing discounts weren’t enough, because you are awesome is offering an addition discount for you with the code “DIYADULATION”. This exclusive code saves you an additional 15% to all already discounted canvas prints!


Framed Mountainscape Photo on Wall Above Couch

How to Choose the Right Photo

Before you order your customized wall decor, there are a few things to remember when it comes to choosing your photos.

  1. First, choose a photo with a higher resolution if you are ordering a large print. You don’t want some thumbnail you stole off of social media of your kids at the park if printing a 16” x 20” canvas or photo.
  2. Second, it’s not a bad idea to do some minor editing of the photo before uploading it to the website. Don’t worry. You don’t need any fancy equipment to do this. Log on to a free photo editing website , choose a large template like poster or flyer, and upload your photo. Then place it in the template and increase the light and the contrast. Done! Save has a .PNG file for higher quality.


Close Up of Framed Kids Photo

Frame the Real Moments

Lastly, I have a challenge for you that will truly infuse your family’s personality into your decor. Frame the real moments instead of the stressful, posed ones.

Take a look around at the framed pictures on your wall. Are they all posed photos of smiling faces, even the ones from vacation? Do they paint the real picture of your family?

For truly unique and gorgeous walls, I challenge you to frame the real moments. Frame the photos of shy faces behind birthday candles. Add a family portrait to the wall with tongues sticking out.

In 5 or 10 years these are the photos that you will look at and smile fondly. You’ll chuckle at your daughter who never wanted to smile and your son who can’t sit still. These are the moments that become the best memories. Why not show them off?


Close Up of Gallery Wall with text overlay - How to Create Customized Wall Decor on a Budget

Gorgeous wall decor is no longer out of reach. allows you to create customized wall decor on a budget that is amazing quality and truly representative of your style. Don’t forget to choose a photo with high resolution and do some quick editing before uploading your photos.

Also, feel free to mix different styles and sizes to create visual interest on your walls. For example, mix a large rectangular canvas print with smaller square framed prints. You can also throw in some custom pieces you make yourself. If you need ideas, be sure to check out our home decor page!

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Framed Kids Photo on Gallery Wall with text overlay - How to Create Customized Wall Decor on a Budget