Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies with a DIY Cookie Cutter

Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of the 4th annual 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop? Of course, you can’t have a Christmas blog hop without sharing delicious treats and that’s what we’re doing today. Find out how to make these colorful Hello Kitty Sugar cookies with a DIY cookie cutter!

Collage of Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies with text overlay - Hello Kitty Sugar Cookie and DIY Cookie Cutter
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Welcome to Day 10 of the Fourth Annual 12 Days of Christmas Series!

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It’s Day 11 and we have been in the kitchen making something sweet to share!

Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies

I absolutely love Hello Kitty (which you may have deduced from my candy tree ornament). I’m one of those nerds that actually contemplated traveling across the country to check out the themed food truck that hit California.

It’s ridiculous how cute she is and clearly I’m not the only one because of the sheer amount of Hello Kitty stuff you can find. That’s great news for you, though, because that makes the DIY cookie cutter for this a lot easier to make.

Find a book, scrapbook paper, or some other flat surface with a large Hello Kitty picture and you’re set. If you don’t have one, check your kids’ stuff. 

Close Up of Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies

Materials and Ingredients

Hello Kitty Book with Embellishments

Step 1

First, find a large Hello Kitty picture. I used a fun book I received for my birthday this year.

Large Piece of Foil next to Scissors and Foil Box

Step 2

Next, cut a large piece of foil from the roll.

Folded Piece of Foil next to Hello Kitty Book

Step 3

Now fold your piece of foil accordion style so that it is roughly 1.5-2 inches thick.

Folded Piece of Foil next to Book

Step 4

 Then fold your foil strip in half long-ways.

Foil Molded Around Picture of Hello Kitty
Close Up of Molded Foil

Step 5

After you have folded your foil, loosely form around your Hello Kitty picture and tuck the overlap of foil.

Close Up of Tape on Molded Foil

Step 6

Once you’ve measured, tape the overlap to secure it in place.

Taped Foil Molded Around Hello Kitty Picture

Step 7

Finally, firmly form your cookie cutter to the Hello Kitty picture.

Step 8

After you have finished your cookie cutter, set it to the side and mix up your sugar cookie dough. I used this easy no-chill recipe from Katrina’s Kitchen.


This is also when you want to preheat your oven according to your sugar cookie recipe.

Rolled Out Dough Next to Rolling Pin

Step 9

After your dough is mixed up, roll out 1/3 of it on a lightly floured surface until it is roughly 1/4 inch thick.

Step 10

Then, sprinkle sugar granules on top and gently pat into the dough.

Cookie Cutter in Dough

Step 11

Now begin cutting out your sugar cookies and placing them on a parchment lined baking sheet. The recipe I used (and most sugar cookie cutout recipes) does not rise much so your can place them fairly close together on the pan.

Raw Hello Kitty Cookies on Cookie Sheet

Step 12

Once your tray is full, bake according to your sugar cookie recipe.


If you are using the same recipe I did, your cookies will need around 10 minutes.

Baked Hello Kitty Sugar Cookie with Blue Sprinkles

Step 13

Allow your cookies to cool before moving on.

Colorful Sprinkled Rolled Out Dough


Don’t forget to use multiple types of sprinkles. Clear sugar granules are best for the colored Hello Kitty sugar cookies because the colors show up best on them.

You need the extra sugar because these do not have the traditional icing that sugar cookies have. If you don’t add them, they won’t be very sweet.

Red Bow on Sugar Cookie

Step 14

When you’re ready to start decorating, pull out your clear/lighter colored sugar covered cookies and use your red food pen to draw a bow on the top right of the cookies.

Black Icing Eyes on Sugar Cookie

Step 15

Next, add black eyes to your cookies.

Hello Kitty Face on Sugar Cookie
Decorated Hello Kitty Sugar Cookie

Step 16

Lastly, add black whiskers and use icing to attach a yellow M&M to the center of your cookies.


You do not need to decorate all of the cookies with a face. Having the decorated ones next to the colorful ones will make it clear what they are.

Pile of Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies
Lined Up Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies
Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies with text overlay - Hello Kitty Sugar Cookie and DIY Cookie Cutter

These Hello Kitty sugar cookies turned out amazingly! I definitely recommend using the same recipe I did. They are the softest sugar cookie cutouts I have ever tasted yet they still hold up to all of the decorating. Of, and did I mention they’re totally delicious? Try them for yourself today!

Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies with text overlay - Hello Kitty Sugar Cookie and DIY Cookie Cutter

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