Get Your Family Back to School Ready

The best way to make any event in your life successful is to plan for it. You plan for weeks for birthday parties, showers, and even interviews. The same planning and preparation is necessary to get your family back to school ready. There are key areas below to focus on that will ensure a fantastic first week back. You will find even more extras on the free printable checklist to crush that first day of school without breaking a sweat.

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Find out how to get your family back to school ready as well as a free printable checklist to crush that first day of school without breaking a sweat.


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Bedtime Rituals

Ease your kids back into the school schedule by pushing bedtimes back to the earlier school hour. Starting a few weeks in advance and gradually working back to the desired time in 15 minute increments is the easiest way to do this is to this. It is also important to reestablish bedtime rituals. If you have been lax about how late kids can play video games or whether they get a shower each night, start reintegrating these habits weeks before the first day of school.

Don’t forget about you as well. If you are a stay-at-home or work-at-home parent then your sleep schedule can be out of whack too. Start trying to get to bed earlier, again working in 15 minute increments for your body to adjust. It is also a good idea to create your own bedtime rituals that will teach your body the natural pattern of getting sleepy.

Wake Times

It is also important to get up at the scheduled time for school. Don’t let your kids sleep in. Instead, start getting them up at the time they will be getting up for school. The same goes for mom. If you have things you like to do in the morning before the kids are up, you will have to adjust your wake time as well. This is also a good time to reestablish the breakfast and general morning routine.

Freezer Meals

Get your freezer back to school ready by making an assortment of freezer meals. Don’t limit yourself to dinners, either. Breakfasts will be a lot easier if you have options ready to heat up in the freezer. Prepare pancakes and waffles in large batches and freeze for quick breakfasts. You can also go for a healthier option with these Protein-Packed Freezer Breakfast Burritos. Casseroles and slow cooker meals are perfect for breakfast and dinner. Make your family’s favorites when getting prepped for quick meals.


Find out how to get your family back to school ready as well as a free printable checklist to crush that first day of school without breaking a sweat.

Organize Clothes

Take the time to get your kids’ clothes organized before school starts. If you are buying new clothes for your kids, take the time to clean out old clothes that don’t fit. This will let you know what your child truly needs and what you can save a little cash on as well. Once you have done that, make sure you get an outfit system in place. Use these printable organizing labels to clearly define each outfit of the day. The school year can also include a need to revamp your laundry schedule. Be prepared to go through more laundry, especially if your child wears a uniform or has separate school and play clothes.


If you haven’t made reading a priority over the summer break make sure to start reintegrating into the daily routine before school starts. Set time amounts instead of page amounts, especially if your child is still a beginning reader. The lack of daily practice might have left them a little rusty. Daily reading will help get them back into the swing of academia before the school years starts and help them start off on a stronger footing. This is also an excellent time to sift through the bookshelves and donate those books that your kids have outgrown.

By focusing on the five areas about you are making sure your child starts the school year off with a bang (in a good way). You will also be making the transition easier on you and less stressful. Don’t forget to grab your free printable Back to School Timeline Checklist before you go. Lastly, check out how to Love Shopping for School Supplies before you get the supply list.

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