Garden Learning Printable Worksheets for Pre-K and K

Kids love when they have fun activities to go along with the stories they read with you. Whether it’s a coloring sheet, craft, or learning activity, it’s more fun when it ties to something you read with them. That’s why I created these garden learning printable worksheets to go along with the latest book in the Charlie Tractor series, Charlie Tractor and the Garden!

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Collage of Worksheets and Girl Holding Children's Book with Text overlay - Pre-K and K Printable Garden Learning Worksheets

I am so lucky that my kiddos love reading. Even my oldest reads a lot when he finds the right book. I have always tried to tie reading with fun and enjoyable crafts and activities to cultivate that love of books. Getting lost in a story is one of my favorite things and something that I want to share with my little ones.

The Charlie Tractor books are perfect for little ones because they’re easy to read, beautifully illustrated, and easy to comprehend. The women who write them base the stories off of their own childhood growing up and I think that makes them even more special. Charlie is a character that kids relate to and that makes the stories even more special for them.

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Charlie Tractor in the Garden

“When a squirrel-chasing adventure takes a turn, Pickles the dog winds up getting into the neighbor’s vegetable garden and digs up some of the plants. Now, Charlie must learn how to clean up his dog’s mess. What will Charlie do?” –

Grab your copy of Charlie Tractor and the Garden here!


Collage of Garden Learning Worksheets with text overlay - Grab Your Free Printable Garden Learning Worksheets

Garden Learning Printable Worksheets

These garden learning printable worksheets are a fun addition to your next story time with the little ones. The worksheets focus on letter recognition, number recognition, and counting making them perfect for preschool and kindergarten age kiddos. Click on any of the images or headings to download your free worksheets today!


Letter Recognition Worksheet

Garden Letter Recognition Sheets

For these worksheets, have kiddos circle the first letter in the name of the produce pictured in the box above. 4 different letter recognition worksheets are included in the set.


Number Recognition Worksheet

Garden Number Recognition Sheets

This worksheet requires kids to count the number of items in the box and then circle the corresponding number from the options below. There are 3 of these worksheets included in the set.


Garden Counting Worksheet

Garden Counting Sheets

Lastly, take counting to the next level and pair it with writing their numbers with the counting sheets. Have kids count up the total number of each item on the sheet and write the number in the box next to the corresponding picture at the bottom. There are also 3 of these fun worksheets.


Girl Holding Children's Book with Text overlay - Pre-K and K Printable Garden Learning Worksheets

Grab your free garden learning printable worksheets and be sure to check out the latest Charlie Tractor book, Charlie Tractor and the Garden for a fun new activity to surprise the kids with. Your kids with love the beautiful illustrations and the dilemmas Charlie finds himself in. You can also follow Charlie Tractor on Facebook and Pinterest for videos to book readings, more free printables, and events you can find them at!

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Girl Holding Children's Book with Text overlay - Pre-K and K Printable Garden Learning Worksheets

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