Fun and Easy DIY Sequin Shaker Photo Magnet

Raise your hand if your little ones love playing with the magnets on the fridge! It’s great when you’re working in the kitchen and need to keep an eye on him while you cook. Now you can give kids something fun to play with that you totally don’t mind displaying on your fridge year-round. This DIY sequin shaker photo magnet is the perfect craft to do just that.

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Collage of Sequin Shaker Magnets with text overlay - DIY Sequin Shaker Photo Magnet


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All 3 of my kids went through this phase at some point in their childhood. The letter magnets were popular and then we got these monster magnets. They let the kids build their own monsters on the fridge with different faces and features. That’s what inspired this shaker photo magnet. It’s fun to play with but it’s also beautiful to display. You know how much I love multi-function decor.

These also make a great gift for grandparents. They’re so easy to make and you can fill them with pictures of all the grandkids. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Sequin Shaker Magnet next to Sequins

DIY Sequin Shaker Photo Magnet Materials


Picture next to Magnetic Container

Step 1

First, clean your magnetic container. Make sure the inside is free of any dust or debris.


Circle Traced on Picture next to Marker and Container

Step 2

Then use your container as a stencil to trace a circle on your photo with black marker.



Circle Cut Out of Picture next to Scissors

Step 3

Next cut out your photo inside the traced line using scissors.


Picture in Container next to Scissors

Step 4

Test your cut photo to ensure it fits inside of your container. Trim any extra edges as needed.


Mounting Squares on Back of Photo next to Materials

Step 5

Once your photo fits, attach mounting squares to the back of your picture.


Step 6

Then attach the photo to the bottom inside of your magnetic container.

Step 7

Next, add a small line of E6000 around the inside edge of the container lid.

Step 8

Before attaching it to your container, sprinkle some loose sequins in the center of lid. Try to avoid letting them touch the glue as much as possible.


Magnet on Bottom of Container

Step 9

Now carefully place the bottom of your container into the glue-lined lid.

*Important* Do not flip your container over. If you do, the glue will run and damage your photo.

Step 10

Allow your container to dry, face down, for 24 hours.


Lidded Container with Picture and Sequins Inside

Step 11

After the glue is dry, flip your container over.


Sequins Glued on Sequin Shaker Magnet Lid

Step 12

Lastly, glue sequins around the edge of your container lid. I used quick dry tacky glue to attach mine because it dries faster (duh). However, if you don’t have any, you can use E6000 to attach the sequins and then allow it to dry another 24 hours.


Sequin Shaker Magnet on Polka Dot Background

Close up of Sequin Shaker Magnet with text overlay - DIY Sequin Shaker Photo Magnet

I love how this DIY sequin shaker photo magnet turned out (the second one at least). Use it as a way to display your favorite vacation or family photos and to occupy little hands while you work on dinner. Plus, it’s budget-friendly enough to make an awesome gift for grandparents, friends, and extended family.

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Close up of Sequin Shaker Magnet with text overlay - DIY Sequin Shaker Photo Magnet


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