Fun and Adorable DIY Back to School Ideas

Can you believe August starts this week? That means the first day of school is rapidly approaching. Eek! Luckily, these fun and adorable DIY back to school ideas are easy projects to have your family ready in no time.

Collage of back to school projects with text overlay: Fun & Adorable DIY Back to School Ideas

This year we are starting school much earlier. Normally we start around the 21st but this year the first day of school is August 15th. Surprises like this are exactly why I love planning ahead.

Thanks to my Back 2 School Quick Guide, we are prepared despite the fact that our vacation is the week before school starts. The kids’ backpacks are stocked with school supplies, breakfasts are batched, and we’re getting back into our routine.

All that’s left are some small details like organization elements and some of the fun stuff. All of which you will find in these DIY back to school ideas.


letters and numbers sugar cookies

Back to School ABC Cookies (She Saved)

These adorable cookies are the perfect sweet treat to get kids excited for the new school year! Throw a mini celebration for dinner the night before school starts or simply pack them as a surprise in their lunchboxes.


Striped pen holder with pens inside

Striped Pen Holder (Simply Designing)

Nothing is more frustrating than kids sitting down to do homework and complaining about not having a pencil. Keep a stash homework ready with this easy pen holder.


Pink Organizer hanging on a wall

DIY Desk Organizer (Anika’s DIY Life)

Need to free up space on your kid’s desk? This DIY organizer utilizes empty wall space for a clutter free surface.


Vintage wooden school desk

Vintage School Desk DIY (Pink Fortitude)

Speaking of desks, how about going vintage with your child’s homework area? This adorable desk makeover is great for saving space! It’s the perfect place for doing homework or simply being artistic.


Large white t-shirt on child with painted handprints

Back to School Shirt (Where the Smiles Have Been)

Are you looking for a fun and easy back to school tradition? If so, this t-shirt idea is exactly what you’re looking for.


Pink 1st Grade tote full of school supplies

School Supplies Tote for Classroom Organization (Gluesticks)

Teachers spend so much time, money, and energy preparing for the new school year. Say thank you with a school supplies tote!


Box tops envelope with school supplies

10-Minute Collection Envelope for Box Tops (Dazzle While Frazzled)

Ahh, the lovely Box Tops competitions. It’s proof that school is truly back in session. Wrangle those little rectangles until it’s time to send them in with this easy envelope!


Open binder with pens

DIY School Year Journals (DIY Adulation)

Don’t forget corralling all of those school papers and artwork. These DIY school year journals help you organize it all while capturing your child’s precious school year memories.


Collage of back to school projects with text overlay: Fun & Adorable DIY Back to School Ideas

Now that we’ve gotten you taken care of with these fun and adorable DIY back to school ideas, I have to know. Are you excited for school to start back up? I love my kids something fierce but I have to admit, I am looking forward to the reprieve. I like my routine and summer comes and destroys it like a tornado. School means schedules, routines, and all the things organized hearts love.

Now it’s time to get this week’s Merry Monday link party started! Find even more back to school ideas below and be sure to share your awesomeness with us too!

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Collage of back to school projects with text overlay: Fun & Adorable DIY Back to School Ideas