Find Out Why It’s Time to Break-up with Yourself

One of the worst feelings in the world is to feel violated, degraded, or disrespected. Yet, you put up with it every day. It’s time to break-up with yourself and finally put an end to it.

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The Worst Relationship Ever

Imagine for a second that you were dating someone. Every time you made a project, that person told you it wasn’t good enough. Each outfit you wore, he said that you looked fat. In fact, he pointed out every flaw from the fine lines on your face to the obnoxious laugh you have.

How long are you going to stay in that relationship? Chances are, you wouldn’t get into a relationship like that to begin with. Of course, you certainly wouldn’t stay in it.

Now think about how many times you’ve thought or said those things about yourself. You are supposed to love yourself the most and yet at every turn, you tearing yourself down. Enough is enough.

It’s Time to Break-up with Yourself

You deserve better than how you treat yourself. If you wouldn’t put up with that behavior from a significant other, you absolutely cannot tolerate it from yourself.

More importantly, it’s holding you back from being the amazing woman you are meant to be. Start lifting yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. I want you to get angry about how you treat and talk about yourself. Decide that it’s time to break-up with yourself.


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Write Your Break-up Letter

When I say break up with yourself, I don’t mean figuratively. I mean write that mean b**ch a letter and tell her that it is over. Reiterate your boundaries and let out every emotion she has made you feel over the years.

Example Break-up Letter

Dear Hateful Inner Mean Girl,

You have been abusing and disrespecting me for years and I’ve had enough. I’m tired of you telling me I’m a bad mom because I lose my patience with the kids or forgot to sign the planners on Wednesday.

I won’t tolerate being told that I am not skinny enough. I own this journey with my body and I deserve to love and cherish it at every stage of life.

You cannot make me feel bad anymore for the crow’s feet by my eyes. Those come from years of extreme joy, grief, anger, and passion. I deserve to wear them proudly because they mean that I have truly lived.

You can’t say I’m a failure when my meal plan, fitness regimen, or weekend plans go off track. I am human and make mistakes. You cannot make me feel bad because I have courage. Each time I stumble, I get back up and keep trying.

Our relationship is officially over. I will only allow relationships with people who respect me and the boundaries I have in place. That includes my relationship with you.

Good Riddance,



I recommend putting this in your journal so that you can refer to it often.


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Expect Backlash

This isn’t a one and done process. It’s always the exes that you can’t stand the most that call, text, and write you after you end the relationship.Because of that, expect backlash when you break-up with yourself.

Don’t get angry or upset if you catch your mean girl trying to creep back in, expect it. No one likes to be broken up with and your inner mean girl is no different.

There will be times when you catch her telling you how hideous you look in that dress. Tell her to shut up and re-enforce your boundaries just as you do with other people. Refer back to your break-up letter if you need help or reassurance.


Handwritten Note Next to Pencil with text overlay - Its Time to Break-up with Yourself

When you really start thinking about all of the hateful things you say to yourself you will know that it’s time to break-up with yourself. Remember, if you would be appalled when someone said it, don’t say it to yourself. It takes practice to build new boundaries, 10 X as much with yourself. Keep at it and reread that break-up letter as much as you need.

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Handwritten Note Next to Pencil with text overlay - Its Time to Break-up with Yourself


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