Easy Outdoor Flying Disc Game DIY

Are your kiddos bored with the toys and games they normally play outside? Give them something new to play (and keep them off of the video games) with this easy outdoor flying disc game DIY. It’s fun, inexpensive to make, and a great new twist on a classic disc toss game.

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Collage of Kids Playing Flying Disc Game with text overlay - Easy Outdoor Flying Disc Game


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DIY Disc Toss Game next to Tree

I’ve been at it again. I took the kiddos to the Dollar Tree and found inspiration for another fun project. Since the weather has finally been so beautiful, outdoor games have been on my mind. In fact, I picked up enough items for more than one game. Be sure to check back all summer long for more fun (and cheap) DIY games!


Disc Toss Game Materials

Flying Disc Game Materials


Letter Tray with Stickers Removed

Step 1

First, remove the labels from your stackable file organizers.

Step 2

Next, clean the file organizers to ensure that they are free of dust and dirt. This helps the paint stick.


Letter Tray on Cardboard

Step 3

After your file organizers are clean, place one on a protected surface for painting.


Painted Letter Tray

Step 4

Then paint the file organizer with teal spray paint. Set off to the side (still on a protected surface) and allow to dry completely.


Step 5

Repeat step 4 with your remaining file organizers.


Pink Painted Plates on Cardboard

Step 6

While your file organizers dry, paint 3 of your plastic plates pink and 3 of them orange.


Step 7

Again, set aside to dry completely.

Step 8 (Optional)

Optionally, you can add number stickers to your stackable file organizers for scoring. For small kids, I recommend making the top and bottom trays worth 5 points and the center 2 worth 10 points. For older kids and adults, make the scoring as follows starting with the top tray: 5, 10, 15, 10.


Kids Playing Disc Toss Game

Boy Tossing Disc at Target

Kids next to Disc Toss Game

How to Play Outdoor Flying Disc Game

Stack your file organizers (in order if scoring stickers are attached). Each player takes turns tossing 3 discs towards the organizers. Add up the scores of the discs in the organizer before removing them.

The first player or team to 100 points wins. If 100 points is reached by the first player or team in the round, the second player or team has a chance to tie with their remaining turn.

In the event of a tie, have a sudden death round. Each player or team gets one set of tosses. Whichever one scores the most from the sudden death round wins!


Kids Playing Flying Disc Game with text overlay - Easy Outdoor Flying Disc Game

The kiddos had a blast with this easy outdoor flying disc game until the wind picked up. Then I had a ton of fun watching them carefully aim only to have the wind whip their discs in the totally wrong direction. Adorableness all around, I promise. Now that you’ve checked out this fun DIY game, be sure to check out the other awesome kids summer activities from my friends. And come back tomorrow for another fun activity from yours truly.

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Flying Disc Game Next to Tree with text overlay - Easy Outdoor Flying Disc Game



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