Easy Homemade After School Snack Ideas

Kids are constantly asking about snack time in our house. It’s a bigger deal than any other meal in their eyes. With the new school year around the corner, it’s time to start planning now with these easy homemade after school snack ideas.

Collage of Snacks with text overlay: Easy Homemade After School Snack Ideas


Snack time is a big deal in this house. These easy homemade after school snack ideas making keeping a well-stocked snack station easy! Click To Tweet

In my free subscriber gift, Moms Back 2 School Quick Guide, I talk about setting up a snack station for your kids. This makes the after school routine so much easier.

Later this month I’ll share how to make your own snack station easily, but until then, try out some delicious homemade snacks to fill it. Experiment with a few of these awesome recipes to see what your kids love and what they don’t.

Then, once school starts, you have a cache of easy snack recipes to keep your snack station with.


Close up of strawberry yogurt bark

Strawberry Yogurt Bark (Drug Store Divas)

This delicious treat is great when it’s crazy hot outside. Let your kid cool off after the walk from the bus to the house with some strawberry yogurt bark. It’s a great treat for mom, too.


applesauce in a bowl

Slow Cooker Applesauce (Play Dates & Parties)

Let your kids get in on the snack making fun with this easy applesauce recipe. It’s the perfect easy idea to introduce kids to cooking.


Garlic edamame pouring out a bowl

Simple 10-Minute Garlic Edamame (Fluster Buster)

Edamame is absolutely delicious. 2 of my 3 kiddos love it as much as I do. This recipe is a simple way to create a healthy after school snack for everyone.


glass jar with homemade granola and berries, top view

Quick Stove Top Granola (Walking on Sunshine)

Granola is fantastic because it doubles as a breakfast and a snack. This stove top version is easy to make so you can stock up now!


Stack of energy bites

Crunchy No Bake Energy Bites (Fivespot Green Living)

Do your kids want a snack with a crunch to it? If so, these no bake energy bites are the perfect way to give it to them!


Strawberry Oat Bars on Wire Rack

Healthy Strawberry Oats Energy Bars (Keeping It Real)

Who doesn’t love strawberries? We certainly do and these energy bars are another great recipe that works well for breakfast and snacks.


Stack of cookies

Golden Mango Protein Cookies (Healthy Helper)

Add a tropical flavor to your after school snacks with these delicious mango protein cookies! Plus kids are always up for cookies in any form.


chickpea and black bean snack mix

Chickpea and Black Bean Snack Mix (Dizzy, Busy, and Hungry)

This snack mix is another great crunchy snack that is great for the entire family. It’s easy to customize the seasoning for your family’s tastes making this a versatile snack idea.


Raspberry breakfast cookies on a baking sheet

Healthy Lemon Raspberry Breakfast Cookie Recipe (Hello Creative Family)

Yes, these are breakfast cookies but much like the others on this list, they also make a great snack idea. It is fresh and sweet just like your kiddos.


Plate of cucumber chips

Lemon and Dill Cucumber Chips (DIY Adulation)

Do your kids love chips? Try this healthy cucumber alternative in lieu of traditional chips!


Collage of Snacks with text overlay: Easy Homemade After School Snack Ideas

These easy homemade after school snack ideas will have you ready for stress-free school days in no time. Don’t forget to try them out with your kiddos before school starts. Then you can stock your snack station with treats you know they’ll love.

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Collage of Snacks with text overlay: Easy Homemade After School Snack Ideas