Easy + Delicious Glittery Pink Holiday Punch

Are you ready to take your glitter addiction to the next level for your next party? Now you delight your guests with a delicious drink and satisfy your need for all things sparkly with this glittery pink holiday punch. Even better, it is crazy easy to whip up in minutes with just a few ingredients.

Close Up of Punch Bowl and Glass of Punch with text overlay - Glittery Pink Holiday Punch

You know those people that complain about how glitter gets everywhere, especially with kids? Yeah, I’m not one of those people. Of all of the things that sometimes drive me crazy about motherhood, that isn’t one of them.

I love glitter. I use it in my crafts, on my nails, and even to wrap my gifts. For that reason I perpetually look like I’m trying to get into an under 18 dance club but it’s worth it.

When you love sparkly stuff that much it’s only natural to take it to the next level… like with your food and drink. Last year, I experimented with these Sparkly Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Truffles and they are delicious and beautiful. This year, it’s time to add some shine to the drinks with this glittery pink holiday punch.

Ingredients for Glittery Pink Punch

Glittery Pink Holiday Punch Ingredients


Red Liquid in Bottom of Punch Bowl

Step 1

First, empty your pink lemonade concentrate into a large punch bowl.


Ice Cream on top of Red Liquid in Bottom of Punch Bowl

Step 2

Next, spoon half of your rainbow sherbet into the punch bowl. Make sure to include some of each color/flavor.


White Foam on top of Punch Bowl

Step 3

Then pour your half of your Sprite over the concentrate and rainbow sherbet and stir to combine.


Hand Holding Glitter over Punch Bowl

Step 4

Lastly, stir in 1/2 of your container of glitter until combined with your punch.


Bowl of Glittery Pink Punch

Step 5

Add more sherbet as needed throughout your gathering.


Glass of Glittery Pink Punch with Punch Bowl in Background

Close Up of Punch Bowl with text overlay - Glittery Pink Holiday Punch

Seriously, the pictures don’t do this drink justice. It is the exact right amount of sweet and tart plus swirling with gorgeous sparkles that brighten up every party in minutes. This delicious glittery pink holiday punch is also family-friendly so no worries about letting the kids sip on some this New Years Eve.

They will love it even more if you serve it to them in fancy party cups… although I totally recommend investing in a plastic set. Remember when we talked about things that kiddos do that drive you crazy sometimes? Yeah, breaking your glasses definitely falls under that category. Take the risk out of the situation with some kid friendly party “glasses” instead.

Close Up of Punch Bowl with text overlay - Glittery Pink Holiday Punch


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