Holiday Gift Options: DIY Your Gifts

If you’re ready to save some serious money on your holiday gifts then the way to go is to DIY your gifts.  Sometimes time constraints can dictate your ability to DIY, but your skill level should never hold you back.  There are projects our there for every skill level, many of which you can find on DIY Adulation.  The important thing to keep in mind is to choose projects suited to your skill level.  Don’t try to learn extensive new skills in such a pressure-filled and deadline sensitive time of year.

DIY your gifts and make this your most frugal holiday season ever!


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DIY your gifts and make this your most frugal holiday season ever!

How to Save on Gifts

Use What You Have

Using the materials and supplies you already have is the best way to save money on holiday gifts.  It costs you nothing out of pocket, obviously, but it also helps you plan your gifts.  Knowing what you already have allows you to plan projects that you can complete with little to no spending.  If you are missing one or two items needed, that’s okay.  I’ll share some tips later on for how to save on supplies.

Batch Gifts

These gifts are a great way to save as well because you can buy the supplies in bulk.  Batch gifts also cut down on the time required to make your gifts.  Mason jar gifts and decorated journals are great examples of batch gifts that you can make quickly and easily.

Recycled Crafts

A third fantastic way to save on DIY gifts is to make recycled crafts.  These are great because they use discarded “trash” you already have on hand.  Don’t let recycled gifts make you think of cardboard bird feeders slathered in peanut butter.  These projects can be classy and elegant, like this Stash Frame (which only cost 30¢ to make), which means they will be a gift you are proud for the recipient to open.


DIY your gifts and make this your most frugal holiday season ever!

How to Save on Supplies

Utilize Clearance Deals

Clearance deals are how I get most of my supplies.  A way for you to save, even if your existing supplies are limited, is to tailor your DIY gift ideas to the clearance supplies you are able to find.

Use Coupons

Some staple items, like Mod Podge and E6000, almost never go on sale.  To save on basics like these, pick them up when you have a 40 or 50% off coupon.  Craft store release coupons like these on a weekly basis.

Thrift Store

We’ve already covered how to thrift your holiday gifts, but did you know that you can get craft supplies at thrift stores, too?  Most thrift stores have sewing patterns, yarn, paper crafting supplies, fabric, and more.  In addition to traditional craft supplies, they also have items that can be used in your projects such as baskets, florals, books, and seasonal décor.  If you need it, you can probably find it at a thrift store.

Dollar Store

You don’t want to discount the dollar store when it comes to getting supplies.  You can get everything from floral foam to Mod Podge there.  If you think outside the box you can save even more.  For example, I once needed wire for a project I was working on but floral wire was too flimsy.  A stroll through the tools and I found some heavy gauge steal wire that was perfect!  (If you want to learn more about how to save on all of your purchases check out How to Save on Anything.)


Now that you know your options when it comes to your holiday gifts, it is time to move on to making a plan for them (no matter which option or combination thereof you choose).  If you are looking for gift tutorials (plus a ton of free printables) sign up for the 31 Days of Saving on Holiday Gifts newsletter.  You will get freebies and tutorials delivered right to your inbox!  Subscribe and make this your most frugal holiday yet! **Update** All freebies from this 31 Days List have been moved to the VIP Library for subscribers. Sign up for free here!

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