DIY Wintergreen Cranberry Wood Wick Candle

Gifts in a jar are such an easy way to gift awesomeness during the holidays. Even better, the possibilities are pretty much endless so you can make gifts for everyone on your list. This DIY wintergreen cranberry wood wick candle is the perfect jar gift for all of your friends, grandparents, and mommas on your list.

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Glittery Jar Candle with text overlay - DIY Wintergreen Cranberry Wood Wick Candle


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Welcome to Day 8 of the Fourth Annual 12 Days of Christmas Series!

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It’s Day 8 and we are sharing Christmas In A Jar Ideas!

Wood Wick Candles with Snowflake Cookie Ornaments

The first time I made this, I used cosmetic grade glittery mica powder to color the candle. It’s looked awesome and shimmery… until it cooled. Then, all of the color was at the bottom. Boo.

I decided to skip the glitter and try a new version of dye. Thankfully, the wax dye worked so much better. If you’re new to making your own dyed candles, skip any of the powder colorant. It simply doesn’t work.

Since I had to lose the glitter in the candle itself, I decided to add it to the jar instead. With this DIY wintergreen cranberry wood wick candle, you get a beautiful and wonderfully scented candle AND you get your glitter fix too.


Pink Glitter Jar Candle next to Lid

DIY Wintergreen Cranberry Wood Wick Candle Materials

Step 1

First, put a 1 cup of water into a small cooking pot and heat it over medium-high heat.

Step 2

While your water starts to boil, add 4 cups of wax flakes into your pouring pot.


Wax Flakes Melting inside of Pour Pot

Step 3

Once your water is boiling, place your pouring pot into it and turn the heat down to medium.


Melted Wax inside of Pour Pot

Step 4

Continue heating your wax flakes until they are completely melted.


Wax Dye Chips in Melted Wax

Step 5

After your wax flakes are melted, stir in a few flakes of your wax coloring at a time until you achieve your desired color.



Dyed Melted Wax in Pour Container

Step 6

Once you have colored your melted wax, stir in 10-12 drops of Wintergreen fragrance oil.

Step 7

Then stir in 5-8 drops of Cranberry fragrance oil.


Wood Wick in Metal Stabilizer

Step 8

Keep your wax on the stove while you prep your jar starting with placing your wood wick inside the metal stabilizer.

Step 9

Next, slip a rubber band around the top of your jar.

Step 10

Then slide the top of your wood wick into your chopsticks.



Close Up of Rubber Band Securing Chopsticks

Wooden Wick Secured in Place in Jar

Step 11

Now, place you wick inside the jar resting the chopsticks on the lip. Then twist the edges of your rubber band and slip it on each side of the chopsticks one side at a time to secure them (and your wick) in place.


Melted Wax In Jar with Stabilized Wick

Step 12

Once your wick is secured in place, carefully pour your wax into your jar and set the candle aside to cool.


Jar Candle with Wood Wick on Side

Step 13

After your candle has completely cooled, carefully remove the rubber band and chopsticks.


Trimmed Wood Wick on Jar Candle

Step 14

Next, trim your wick so that it’s about 1/4 inch from the wax.


Pink Jar Candle next to Glitter Paste Container

Glitter Paste on Jar Candle

Step 15

Now, coat the outside of your jar with glitter paste. Use your finger to remove any excess along the top and bottom edges.

Step 16

Allow your glitter paste to dry before moving on.


Clear Thread through Purple Snowflake Cookie Ornament

Purple Snowflake Cookie Ornament Hanging on Jar Candle

Step 17

Lastly, tie one of your snowflake cookie ornaments around the lip of the jar with clear nylon thread.


Lidded Wood Wick Candles with Snowflake Cookie Ornaments

Step 18

Before gifting, be sure to reattach the lid to your jar to protect the wick. Unlike regular wicks, wooden wicks can break off especially during the wrapping, transporting, and unwapping of gifts. The lid will keep the wooden wick from getting broken.

Glittery Jar Candle with text overlay - DIY Wintergreen Cranberry Wood Wick Candle

I wish digital screens could be scratch and sniff so you could smell how amazing this candle smells. It is festive and sweet to fill your (or your friends and family’s) home with holiday scents this season. Now it’s time to check out the other awesome gifts in a jar ideas for everyone else on your list this year. Finish off gifts for everyone on your list with the ideas below!

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Glittery Jar Candle with text overlay - DIY Wintergreen Cranberry Wood Wick Candle


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