DIY Tabletop Zombie Bowling Game

Do you love all things zombie? You know you might have a zombie obsession when you’re driving down the road and out of nowhere you hear, “Unh… Unh… Unh… I’m going to eat your brains,” from the tiny humans in the backseat. (True story, by the way.) So what do you do when your zombie love has spread to the whole family? Embrace it, of course. This DIY tabletop zombie bowling game is an easy game for the whole family. Pull it out for a fun, zombie themed family game night or whip it out for your Halloween bash. Your tiny brain eaters will love it!

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Tabletop Zombie Bowling Game Materials


Step 1

First, remove your bowling set from its packaging.


Step 2

Next, paint each pin black while holding the top between 2 fingers. Set the pins aside to dry.


  • The tops will not be covered yet.


Step 3

While the pins dry, paint half of your bowling ball black and set it aside to dry.


Step 4

After the paint has dried, cover the rest of your pins and bowling ball in black paint.

Step 5

Let the black paint dry completely before moving on to step 6.


Step 6

Next, paint your pins green and set aside to dry.



Step 7

While your pins dry, mix a small amount of red and white paint to achieve pink and paint half of your bowling ball pink.

Step 8

After the pink paint has dried, cover the rest of your bowling ball in pink. Set it aside to dry.


Step 9

Next, paint black faces on your pins as pictured above and set aside.

Step 10

While the faces dry, lighten your mixed pink paint by adding more white paint to it.


Step 11

Add squiggly “brain lines” as pictured above to your bowling ball.


Step 12

Next, paint the white face details on your pins.


Step 13

Let all of your paint dry completely.

Step 14

Next, lay out your game pieces on a protected surface and spray with acrylic sealant.

Step 15

Allow the sealant to dry, then turn your pieces over and spray the opposite side with acrylic sealant.


Step 16

Lastly, let your sealant dry and enjoy!


How cool is this DIY tabletop zombie bowling game? It is so easy to make and totally inexpensive. Whip out the frugal game all month long for laughs and family bonding. Warning: Side effects may include the tiny humans shuffling around and moaning for hours on end. Personally, that’s a side effect that’s totally worth it in my book. Are you looking to throw an entirely do-it-yourself Halloween party along with this game? Check out these Wickedly Easy DIY Halloween Invitations and find out how to make this Easy Monster Owl Halloween Tree for your treats table.

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