How to Make DIY Road Trip Survival Bags for Kids

We all want to save money on our travels. One of the best ways to save on your family vacation is to drive to your destination. Even if you have to rent a car, this is still the economical choice especially if you have a large family. Before you hit the road, though, make sure you make these DIY road trip survival bags for kids for a smooth trip!

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Collage of Road Trip Bags and Activities with text overlay: DIY Road Trip Survival Bags for Kids


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Let’s face it. Those miles stretching on can make you start to question the value of savings once your kids start getting cranky and hungry an hour into the drive. Fancy DVD players and portable game systems can help but they won’t keep them fed.

Additionally, do you really want them plugged in the whole trip? Instead, save your sanity and engage your kids with these DIY road trip survival bags.


3 Drawstring Bags

Step 1: Choose Your Bag

Using what you have is the best way to save money. I recommend drawstring bags if it is an option. They are convenient, inexpensive, and most importantly incredibly easy to wash.

Kids are messy! The easier to clean, the better. We used these Humana bags that I got for free at a scrapbook crop I attended. These drawstring bags from Dollar Tree are a great budget-friendly option if you don’t already have some.



Boxes of snacks

Step 2: Delegate Snacks

Next, add some snacks to your road trip bags. Don’t just buy those single serving packages to toss in the bags. Instead, save money by purchasing full-size containers and dividing them among snack bags.

Another great way to save on snacks is to make your own. Granola bars, dried fruit, and cucumber chips are all easy and healthy alternatives to store-bought.



Coloring Book with Crayons on Top

Stack of Activity Books

Step 3: Add Activities

Lastly, add activities to the bags. Add your kiddos’ favorite small toys such as cars, action figures, and dolls. Another great item to add is activity books and crayons.

If you need some budget-friendly ideas, here are some we love (don’t buy all of these, I simply want you to have multiple options to find what fits your kids):

Felt Stickers Book
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Activity Books

Grab & Go Battleship Game Box
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Finger Puppets on Children's Hands
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Purple Customizable Journal
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For Older Kids


Drawstring bag with a towel and a water bottle

Step 4: Don’t Forget These Extras

There are some extra items that will make the trip easier that you may not think of. You will definitely be glad you have them on the trip.

Water Bottles


Wet Wipes



Collage of Road Trip Bags and Activities with text overlay: DIY Road Trip Survival Bags for Kids

These DIY road trip survival bags will help you have a smooth road trip and not begrudge the money you’re saving. They also help you to monitor what your kids snack on and what they play with.

If you have an extremely long trip coming up check out these Kids Car Activity Binders complete with free printable activity sheets and a trip tracking coloring page. Simply add them to your bags before you head out and you will have everything you need to make your road trip go more smoothly.

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Collage of Road Trip Bags and Activities with text overlay: DIY Road Trip Survival Bags for Kids


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