DIY Pumpkin Pillow Fight Game | Fall Kids Game Idea

Fall is full of festivals, parties, tailgating, and a myriad of other celebrations. It is a pretty spectacular time of year. Of course, all of these events tend to have built-in fun for adults leaving you searching for a fun fall kids game idea to include. This DIY pumpkin pillow fight game is the perfect one for indoor and outdoor events alike.

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Collage of painted pumpkins with text overlay: DIY Pumpkin Pillow Fight Game Fall Kids Game Idea


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There is weird trait I’ve noticed that is present in both children and adults. We love knocking things over. That’s why games like bowling and Jenga are timeless classics in the world. Essentially, if we can make a game where we get to destroy the crap out of something, we’re all for it.

Ironically it doesn’t seem to matter whether the object is to do so (as in bowling) or prevent it (as in Jenga). As long as something crashes we’re in. That’s how you know your kids will love this easy little game.

It lets them exercise that destruction-loving trait inside. You set ’em up and knock ’em down. It takes no batteries, no crazy wires… none of it. Even better? It is super easy to make so you can whip it up last minute if you need to.


Keep kids entertained during all of your fall events with this DIY pumpkin pillow fight game! It's easy to whip up and travels easily! Click To Tweet

Pumpkin Pillow Fight Game Materials


Lidded Cardboard Pumpkin Box

Step 1

First, remove the lids from your pumpkin boxes and set them aside. You don’t need them for this project but they are perfect for this Halloween banner project.


Orange Painted Pumpkins next to a paint pallet

Step 2

Next, paint the outside of your pumpkin boxes with a coat orange acrylic paint and allow it to dry.

Step 3

Add a second coat of orange acrylic paint to your pumpkins so that no cardboard show through.

Step 4

Again, allow you paint to dry completely before moving on.

Step 5 (Optional)

Flip your pumpkins over and paint the inside of the pumpkin boxes with black acrylic paint. I think this gives them a cleaner, more finished look. Of course, if you’re in a hurry or simply like the natural cardboard look, you can skip this step.


Close Up of Orange Painted Pumpkin with Brown Painted Stem

Step 6

Next, flip your pumpkins back over and paint stems on your orange pumpkin boxes with brown acrylic paint.


Painted Pumpkins with faces

Step 7

While your brown paint dries, add the sleeping faces to the front of your pumpkins with black acrylic paint.


Close up of painted pumpkin with a face

Step 8

Finish your pumpkin design by painting green leaves on the pumpkins by the painted stems and set them aside to dry.


Bottom of white tank top with black dotted line on it

3 Sets of White Fabric Rectangles

Step 9

While your pumpkins dry, pull out your fabric and cut it into 6 rectangles that are 3 inches by 2 inches.



Folded piece of white fabric

Step 10

Next, line up the edges of 2 cut rectangles, right sides together, and pin along the edges.



Sewn white fabric with needle and white thread

Step 11

Next, sew around each of your pillows leaving a small gap to turn the fabric right side out after sewing. Be sure to pull out the pins as you stitch your edges.

Step 12

Once all of your pillows are sewn, turn them right-side out through the small gap you left when sewing.


Stuffed mini pillow next to needle and thread

Step 13

Then use that same unsewn gap to fill each pillow with Poly-Fil.


Stuffed pillow next to marbles and needle and thread

Step 14 (Optional)

Add 2-3 marbles inside each pillow to give the pillows some weight.



Close up of sewn corner of pillow

mini white pillow

Step 15

Finish your pillows by sewing the gap closed on each pillow.


Stacked painted pumpkins

Step 16

Lastly, pull your now-dry pumpkins back out and spray both the front and back with acrylic sealant. Let the sealant dry completely before playing.


Close Up Pyramid of painted pumpkins with text overlay: DIY Pumpkin Pillow Fight Game Fall Kids Game Idea

This is such an easy fall kids game idea that kids of all ages will love. Let them enjoy that super satisfying feeling when they knock something over and it’s allowed! Now you can quickly whip up this DIY pumpkin pillow fight game to keep kids entertained during all of your fall events. Store it in a gallon resealable bag to make it easy to travel with to outside events, too!

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Collage of painted pumpkins with text overlay: DIY Pumpkin Pillow Fight Game Fall Kids Game Idea


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