DIY Outdoor Games the Whole Family Will Love

School is officially out and that means it’s time to take advantage of outdoor fun! Whether you need ideas for the family this weekend or simply need something to get the kids outside and playing, I’ve got what you need. These DIY outdoor games the whole family will love.

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Collage of Outdoor Games with text overlay - DIY Outdoor Games the Whole Family will Love


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This weekend was absolutely gorgeous! Like, the kind of weather you dream about on summer days. Sunny and warm with a beautiful breeze to keep you cool. Frankly, it was the perfect way to start summer break.

It’s also the perfect weather to get outside and enjoy some games as a family. Luckily you’ll have a ton to choose from with this awesome list!


Giant Backyard Tic Tac Toe Game

DIY Giant Backyard Frisbee Tic Tac Toe Game (DIY Adulation)

A couple of packs of dollar store plates, paint, and some spray chalk are all you need to make this super fun game. Since it’s so easy and compact, it’s also the perfect travel game to take on vacation or camping!


Colorful Outdoor Tenzi Yard Dice Game on Picnic Table

DIY Tenzi Outdoor Yard Dice Game Tutorial (Hello Creative Family)

Do you love the game Tenzi? If so then you definitely need to give this outdoor version a try with this super simple (not-to-mention colorful) tutorial!


Glowing Frisbee on Black Background

Easy DIY Glow Frisbee (DIY Adulation)

You know how much I love keeping the fun going after the sun goes down. This quick and simple frisbee makeover is just what you need for a fun all day and night.


Yellow Wooden Limbo Game on Lawn

Limbo Game Station (Create and Babble)

Test out your flexibility with this fun DIY limbo game! Her easy-to-follow instructions make it easy even for non-adept woodworkers. Don’t believe me? Check it out now!


Buckets set up for Glow Pong on Yard

DIY Giant Backyard Glow Pong Game (DIY Adulation)

For some reason, any time we play drink pong I get crazy competitive. Now we’ve taken the game to a larger scale with this giant backyard version. Play kids versus adults or invite of friends and make it tournament. Either way it’s sure to be a blast for everyone!


Ring and Hook Game on Wall

How to Install a Ring and Hook Game (Intelligent Domestications)

Another great game for families is this super fun (and addictive) ring and hook game. Although this tutorial shows you how to install your DIY game inside, you can easily take the principals and do the same thing outside.


Glow Sticks on Wood Background

How to Play Glow Stick Tag (DIY Adulation)

It seriously doesn’t get any easier or cheaper than glow stick tag. Some packs of glow bracelets from your local dollar store and players is literally all you need for a fun filled game in the dark!


Wooden Stars and Stripes Cornhole Boards on Lawn

DIY Cornhole Boards (A Wonderful Thought)

It’s basically a midwestern law that every suburban family has to own a cornhole game. Luckily, this DIY tutorial makes it easy to make one if you don’t own one. Also, you can easily personalize them to represent your favorite team, family crest, or simply your favorite color!


Dollar Store Eraser Toss Game next to Erasers and Scoreboard

Dollar Store Eraser Toss Game (DIY Adulation)

Yet another awesome game you can make from dollar store finds is this eraser toss game. It’s crazy easy to make and can be played outdoors or indoors. Plus, there’s not reason to worry about things getting broken with the soft erasers.


Giant Outdoor Kerplunk Game

Make a Giant Outdoor Kerplunk Game from Tomato Cages (Design Dazzle)

Remember the excitement of playing Kerplunk on the living room floor with your siblings? Now you can get that same rush as an adult with this awesome outdoor DIY version! One of my favorite things about this game it how many people can play at once. Plus, kids love it just as much as adults.


Glow Bracelets with Printable On Top

Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt (DIY Adulation)

Take your next scavenger hunt to the next level with this awesome glow-in-the-dark version! Even though the things you seek glow, don’t be deceived into thinking it’s easy.


Collage of Outdoor Games with text overlay - DIY Outdoor Games the Whole Family will Love

Keep this awesome list of DIY outdoor games the whole family will love in your pocket for buckets of fun all summer long. Invite some friends over for a pitch-in and outdoor fun for everyone. It’s the perfect budget-friendly summer entertainment!

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Collage of Outdoor Games with text overlay - DIY Outdoor Games the Whole Family will Love


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