DIY Mini Patriotic Party Hat Headbands

The 4th of July is an awesome summer holiday that Americans look forward to celebrating every year. We also get hyper-focused on the fireworks fun and forget that there’s a whole day of sunshine (hopefully) before you get to that part. This year, don’t forget some of the smaller fun details like favors and games. These DIY mini patriotic party hat headbands are the perfect frugal place to start.

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Glittery Red White and Blue Party Hat Headbands with text overlay - Festive DIY Mini Patriotic Party Hat Headbands


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I love all things mini and that 100% includes party hats. I first fell in love with these mini party hats from the Dollar Tree when I made these adorable headbands for St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t ask me why, but it took me this long to realize that I could totally do the same thing for Independence Day!

What’s great about holidays like this is that no matter what outfit your guests are rocking, these party hats will totally match. Everyone wears red, white, and blue for the Fourth so you can have the perfect party accessory for everyone. Personally, I’m going to sporting my party hat with these rad guitar sun glasses that I also found at Dollar Tree. (Yes, I have a problem and I’ve accepted that.)


Patriotic Stars and Garland Mini Party Hat Headband

Since these are made with hot glue, you can put them together in minutes for an awesome addition to your 4th of July celebration. You also won’t mind if the kiddos end up destroying them during the fun because they’re so cheap to make. Double-score!


Patriotic Decorations and Pack of Headbands

Patriotic Party Hat Headbands Materials

*Note* I found all of my patriotic supplies at Dollar Tree.


Mini Party Hats and Headbands Removed from Packaging

Step 1

First, remove any packaging from your mini hats and headbands.


Blue Mini Party Hat next to Headband and Scissors

Step 2

Next, select one headband and one hat to start with.

Step 3

Then use your scissors and cut the stretchy band from the hat. If you cut close to the knots on either side you can slip it under the staples.


Headband Glued to Inside of Blue Mini Party Hat

Step 4

Now glue your mini party hat to your headband with hot glue so that it sits angled slightly from the center of the headband. You want the hat to sit to the left or right side of the top of your head when wearing the headband.



Patriotic Garland Glued Around Blue Mini Party Hat

Step 5

After your hat is glued to the headband, it’s time to decorate it. Start by cutting a length of patriotic garland and gluing it around the hat as pictured.


Glitter Stars and Patriotic Garland Glued on Red Mini Party Hat

Step 6

Then choose a large and a small glittery foam stars and glue them to the the front of the hat on top of the garland. Start by gluing the largest star on first and then gluing the smaller one so that it slightly overlaps the larger one.


Step 7

Lastly, repeat steps 2 through 6 to create your remaining party hat headbands. The materials above make at least 6 party hat headbands if you get a second 3-pack of headbands (or have 6 already laying around).


Glittery Red White and Blue Party Hat with text overlay - Festive DIY Mini Patriotic Party Hat Headbands

How cool and festive are these DIY mini patriotic party hat headbands?! I know the Fourth is still a few weeks away but I’ve already been wearing mine around the house. Yes, I look as crazy (and totally awesome) as you’re picturing. I’d love to see you and your family rocking these babies on Independence Day. Tag me @diyadulation on Instagram and let me see it. Don’t worry. I’ll share us wearing ours that day too, along with a reminder to let me see yours!

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Glittery Red White and Blue Party Hat with text overlay - Festive DIY Mini Patriotic Party Hat Headbands


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