DIY Kids Cotton Candy Ornaments

The holidays mean a lot of breaks for school-age kids and that can leave moms pulling their out during such a busy time of year. Add a handmade touch to your candy Christmas tree and enjoy school breaks with your kids with these easy kids cotton candy ornaments.

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Collage of Cotton Candy Ornaments on Gingerbread Man Background with text overlay - DIY Kids Cotton Candy Ornaments


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It’s Day 4 and we are sharing Kids Christmas Craft Ideas!


Cotton Candy Ornaments on Gingerbread Man Background

Raise your hand if you love cotton candy!! Now you can add one of your favorite sweet treats to your candy Christmas tree decorations.

Even better, this ornament is so easy to make that your kiddos can totally get in on the crafty fun. Pull it out on one of the many school breaks this season and entertain the little ones while still getting your home holiday ready.


Mom Tip: I recommend you prepare the the cotton balls before doing this craft with the kids. They can totally help prepare the cotton balls but it is a lot of waiting.


Container of Water next to Food Coloring and Cotton Balls

Step 1

First, add a small amount of water to a plastic container.


Dyed Water in Plastic Container

Step 2

Next, add 3 drops of red food coloring and 2 drops of blue food coloring then mix.


Cotton Balls and Dyed Water in Plastic Container

Step 3

Add some cotton balls to your water and make sure they are submerged.


Cotton Balls Submerged in Dyed Water

Step 4

Leave your cotton balls in the colored water overnight.


Dyed Cotton Balls on Paper Towels

Step 5

After your cotton balls have soaked overnight pull them out and place them on some paper towels to dry. This can take a few days to complete.

Fluffed Up Dyed Cotton Ball

Step 6

Once your cotton balls have dried, pull them apart so that they are a fluffy ball.


Paper Cone Next to Blue Paper

Step 7

Next, roll your cardstock into a cone and secure it with glue. Hot glue works quickest for this but you can use regular liquid white glue. If using liquid glue, allow it to dry before moving on.


Trimmed Paper Cone

Step 8

Then trim any excess paper so that your cone is even.


Cut Ribbon Next to Paper Cone and Pink Cotton Ball

Step 9

Now cut a length of ribbon that is long enough to become a hanger for your ornament.


Ribbon Glued to Inside of Paper Cone

Step 10

Next, glue one end of the ribbon to the top of the open part of your paper cone.


Ribbon on Paper Cone next to Dyed Cotton Ball

Step 11

Continue attaching your ribbon by gluing the remaining end on the opposite side of your open paper cone.


Cotton Candy Ornament

Step 12

Lastly, glue your pulled cotton ball onto the open part of the cone. Be sure that your ribbon hanger goes around the cotton ball so that you can still hang it.

Step 13

Allow the glue to dry completely, then hang on your tree and enjoy!


Cotton Candy Ornaments on Gingerbread Man Background with text overlay - DIY Kids Cotton Candy Ornaments

Now you can make your own awesome ornaments for your tree and it won’t cost you a fortune. These kids cotton candy ornaments will also brighten your kids spirits every time they see their creations on your tree this year. After you have your cotton balls dying, check out the other amazing kids Christmas crafts from all of my friends below!

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Close Up of Cotton Candy Ornament on Gingerbread Man Background with text overlay - DIY Kids Cotton Candy Ornaments


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