DIY Glittery Shamrock Fairy Dress Up Accessories

Have you ever had an idea that totally starts out small and vague but then blossoms into something really awesome? That is exactly what happened with these DIY glittery shamrock fairy dress up accessories. Once you get in that creative mindset it can truly take on a life of its own. Now, you can let your little one prance around to her heart’s content this holiday as an adorable shamrock fairy.

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Shamrock Fairy Accessories Collage with Text Overlay: DIY Shamrock Fairy Dress Up Accessories


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Shamrock Fairy Accessories

Originally, I only had a shamrock headband in the editorial calendar. I thought something fun and playful for little girls to wear would be a sweet idea. Then the idea started to grow. Every mom knows that kids love playing dress up. Mine come up with some of the most creative ensembles that have me in tears from laughter. Why not add some Saint Patrick’s Day fun to their dress up trunk. That’s exactly what these DIY glittery shamrock fairy dress up accessories do.


Gold Headband, Foam Shamrocks, Ink Pen, and Gold Wire

DIY Shamrock Fairy Dress Up Accessories Materials


2 Cut Lengths of Gold Wire Next to Pink Scissors and Foam Shamrock

Step 1

Start but cutting 2 lengths of gold wire roughly 9 inches long each.


Gold Wire Wrapped Around an Ink Pen

Step 2

Next, wrap one piece of wire around your ink pen to form a spring.


Close Up of Gold Springs

Step 3

Slide the spring off of the pen and repeat with your second piece of wire.


Gold Spring Attached to Headband

Step 4

Then wrap the ends of each spring around your headband.


  • If you have to use a solid headband, add some hot glue to the wrapped wire to help hold it in place more securely.


Flattened End of Coil attached to Headband

Step 5

Now, bend the top coil on each spring so that is lies flat as pictured above.


Gold Spring glued to Foam Shamrock Stem

Step 6

Add a dab of hot glue to the stem of a foam shamrock and press the flattened coil into it.


Shamrock Attached to Gold Spring


Step 7

Immediately cover with a second foam shamrock and press firmly together.


Shamrock attached to Spring and attached to Headband

Step 8

Now secure the rest of the shamrock edges together with hot glue.


Glittery Shamrock Headband

Step 9

Repeat steps 6 through 8 with the second spring on your headband.


Green Glittery Fairy Wings

Step 10

Set your headband to the side and pull out your fairy wings.


Gold Wire Wrapped around Center of Wings

Step 11

Start by wrapping the center of your fairy wings in gold wire.


Close up of Gold Wire Glued to Wings

Gold Wire Attached to Wings

Step 12

Next, outline each of the wings with a single strand of gold wire, securing every few inches with hot glue.

Gold Wire Outlining Wings


  • Do this on a non-stick surface otherwise you’ll end up gluing your wings to the table.
  • Wrap each part of the wing separately. For example: one length of gold wire for the top right wing and a second length of wire for the bottom right wing.


Gold Coins Glued on Green Wings

Step 13

Lastly, attach some gold coins to the wings as decoration. I attached one to each glittery swirl as well as a second coin to the bottom wings. This makes it easier to keep them symmetrical.


Shamrock Fairy Accessories

Shamrock Fairy Accessories Collage with Text Overlay: DIY Shamrock Fairy Dress Up Accessories

That’s it! Now your little one can do what she does best: play pretend. These DIY glittery shamrock fairy dress up accessories are so much fun, I totally want to make a second set for me to wear. We might add a rainbow wand, too. What do you think? Don’t worry about this craft breaking the bank either. Everything except the gold wire came from the Dollar Tree and even that you can get there if you don’t have any on hand. Don’t you love that store when it comes to the holidays? This awesome project only cost $4 to make ($5 if you need wire, too). Worth it!

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Shamrock Fairy Accessories Collage with Text Overlay: DIY Shamrock Fairy Dress Up Accessories


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