DIY Decorative Napkin Basket

When spring and summer roll around the state of your outdoor decor gets a harsh light thrown on it. The ravages of winter made it easy to forget your ever-growing to-do list for you deck, garden, and yard. I recently scored these awesome shallow, square baskets at a thrift store 4 of them for $1 and I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them.  We entertain a lot in the summer and I wanted a cute little basket that could go on the outdoor table to hold napkins.  Add these baskets to my amazing Hazel & Ruby stencil clearance find and I was ready to make this DIY decorative napkin basket!

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DIY Decorative Napkin Basket Materials



Step 1

Spray your basket with the surface sealer and allow it to dry completely.



Step 2

Cover the entire inside bottom liberally with your acrylic paint.  Let it dry (usually at least 1 hour).


Step 3

Place your stencil over where you have painted and spray with the metallic spray paint.  Allow it to dry completely and add a second coat if needed.  Do this for both sides so that the entire basket is painted, being sure to allow each coat to dry completely before applying more.



Step 4

Spray your sealant, being sure to complete cover the basket (both sides).  Also allow this to dry completely.

This is so super easy to make. Once you’re done you want to have fun summer BBQ just to show it off! Find even more summer ideas here.

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