DIY Chalkboard Key Organizer

Organization is about 10% method and 90% convenience.  You can have the best organization systems in place but if they aren’t convenient they will fail.  Keys are a prime example of an item in your home that probably has a specific place in your home but it isn’t convenient when you walk through the door.  Therefore, it isn’t utilized (not that I speak from experience or anything… ahem.)

Key hooks make a great storage solution but if you don’t like the look of them you put them where no one will see them (the back of a cabinet door, for example).  If no one else can see them, neither can you which means you won’t use them.  This DIY chalkboard key organizer totally solves that.

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Stop misplacing your keys with this super simple and pretty DIY!


Step 1

Prepare your frame by removing the glass and all inserts.

Stop misplacing your keys with this super simple and pretty DIY!

Step 2

Prop your frame on its side (landscape style) and glue 4 picture hooks to the bottom, evenly spaced.

*You can measure if you want to be exact but I chose to just eyeball it.

*Your props also don’t have to be fancy (like my awesome tissue box and water bottle above).

Step 3

Allow the glue to dry 24 hours.

**This is important.  Do not skip this step or you will compromise the strength of the adhesive and it won’t hold your keys.


Stop misplacing your keys with this super simple and pretty DIY!

Step 4

While your glue is drying, measure your chalkboard using the paper insert included in your frame.  Place it at the corner of the chalkboard paper and cut out your piece using the paper insert as a guide.


Stop misplacing your keys with this super simple and pretty DIY!

Step 5

Remove the backing from the adhesive chalkboard and place it directly onto the glass from your frame.


Stop misplacing your keys with this super simple and pretty DIY!

Step 6

After allowing your glue to dry completely, spray paint both sides of your frame with the metallic spray paint (including the added hooks).  Allow each layer to dry completely before adding another or turning over the frame.

*The color of your frame will determine the number of coats you need.  For the frame I used, it took 2 coats.


Stop misplacing your keys with this super simple and pretty DIY!

Step 7

Once your frame has finished drying, reassemble and hang it by the door you normally enter/exit your home through.


This DIY chalkboard key organizer puts your keys where you need them and saves you time getting out the door. Find out how to make it easily!

Now you have not only have a convenient place to store your keys but also a place to write reminders for yourself and your family. Change up the style easily by choosing a different paint color. You can even buy adhesive chalkboard paper in multiple colors. The combinations are endless so that you can make your organization fit your home decor! 

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  • Really cute! I LOVE that glue. I use it all the time. 🙂

    • Marie

      Shannon, I love this glue too! I actually just finally starting using it recently and now I wonder why the heck I didn’t use it sooner!

  • What a cute idea 🙂

    • Marie


  • Thanks for this little project. I am trying to find easy organizing tips for myself….things that I will stick to.

    • Marie

      This is definitely an easy system to stick with, Theresa!

  • Visiting from Blogelina. As much as I misplace keys, I def need something like this!

    • Marie

      Thanks for visisting! Hanging them on the wall also helps keep little hands and paws from hiding them from you!

  • How fun! Love this craft. Here visiting from Blogelina!!!!

    • Marie

      Thanks for stopping by Corine!

  • Love it! I have an old key holder, but it’s time for an update.

    • Marie

      Thanks Marissa!!

  • Love this! Super cute idea.

    • Marie

      Thanks Steffi!

  • This is too cute! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday, hope to see you at tonight’s party!

  • I’m always misplacing my keys! This would save me lots of grief! Thank you so much for sharing at my Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link party. I really appreciate your participation and hope you become a regular participant.

  • Wow, such a simple idea. I would have never thought to use a picture frame that way. Pinning!

    • Marie

      You can do so much fun stuff with frames! I hate throwing out old ones so I’m constantly trying to reinvent them to serve another purpose in the home. 🙂

  • This is such a great idea! We just moved and I’ve been looking for a cute way to organize our key madness! Thank you for sharing!

    • Marie

      Congratulations on your move! Hope this helps you get your new home organized!