DIY Birthday Card Frame

Let’s face it; the card is a kid’s least favorite part of their birthday presents.  Furthermore, unless their parents save them for them they just end up recycled or thrown away at some point.  This past weekend, my son had a birthday party to attend for one of his classmates.  I always make the cards we give out for any occasion and this one was to be no different. A DIY birthday card frame is a fun new twist on the tradition.

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I had been shopping for picture frames for another project earlier in the day and totally forgot to measure which size I needed before venturing out (of course!).  So instead of going all the way back home and measuring it, then traveling back to the store, I just bought 2 different size frames.  The one that wasn’t the right size was just sitting on my desk begging me to use it.  It also happened that during grocery shopping that week, I came across clearance Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle duct tape on clearance for $1.50!  The fates were working in my favor because the birthday girl loves Ninja Turtles.  I decided to make a birthday card frame instead of a regular card.  That’s way more fun than some boring piece of cardboard that doesn’t even have any money in it.

It turned out awesome and I’m super stoked to share it with you!

DIY Birthday card Frame Materials


Step 1

Prepare your frame by taking out the glass and all the padding/inserts.  You don’t want to risk breaking it while you’re working on your frame.


Step 2

Start on the left side of your frame and cut a strip of tape long enough that it overlaps the outside edges.  Then press down the tape to the frame being sure that the inside tape edge lines up with the inside edge of the frame.


Step 3

Cut off the excess tape. If your frame has a lip like mine did, simple run your fingernail along the edge of the lip making an indentation.  Then open your scissors and run one blade down the groove you made.  Once you’ve done that it should left away cleanly and leave you with a nice straight edge.


Step 4

Repeat step three until your frame is completely covered.  I lined up the photos on most of mine but it will still be awesome if you don’t want to be that OCD about.


Step 5

Replace the glass and cardboard/padding to your frame.

Ta-Da! You’re done with the frame and you can add whatever you want to it: a note, a photo, a simple Happy Birthday message… it is up to you.

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