DIY Beaded Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

Can you imagine an activity that keeps the kiddos entertained for hours with little to no input from you? That’s exactly what these DIY beaded pipe cleaner bracelets do! Seriously, put all of the materials into a tray on the dining table and BOOM! You’ve got the perfect creative activity for them.

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Collage of Photos of Beaded Bracelets next to Beads with text overlay - DIY Beaded Pipe Cleaner Bracelets


Are you ready for hours of quiet play for your kiddos? These DIY beaded pipe cleaner bracelets are an easy and creative activity for your kiddos! Click To Tweet

Okay, so I just wanted something fun for the kids to do because, honestly, they were driving me crazy. Then I thought about this awesome activity I’d seen from my friend Heather at Glitter on a Dime. True to form, I changed it up a bit because my kiddos’ ages range from 5 to 10 and I wanted all of them to do it.


I put string in addition to pipe cleaners on the tray but to my surprise they all wanted to create with the pipe cleaners. The oldest didn’t want any input from me but the youngest 2 had me create the secure ends before they made their designs.

I had only hoped for 20 minutes of peace… seriously, my bar was that low. Instead, this kept all 3 of my kiddos busy for hours! Talk about an awesome surprise. Even better, because they didn’t use up all of the materials the first day, they continued to go back and create every day for 3 days.


Tray with beads and pipe cleaners in it

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Bracelets Materials


Orange Pipe Cleaner next to 2 Pony Beads

Step 1

First, pull out a pipe cleaner and 2 pony beads.


Orange Pipe Cleaner with 2 Pony Beads on It

Step 2

Next, slide the pony beads onto the end of the pipe cleaner. Leave a small amount of space between them.

Step 3

Then fold a small end section of pipe cleaner over the pony bead closest to it.


Orange Pipe Cleaner with 2 Pony Beads Secured on End

Step 4

Holding the pipe cleaner in place, slide the second pony bead up over the folded piece of pipe cleaner until it is right next to the first pony bead. This creates a secure end of the bracelet to hold the rest of your beads in place.


Pony Beads Strung on Orange Pipe Cleaner

Step 5

Next, thread on your beads in the desired pattern. Don’t worry about the small holes of the shaped beads. The metal part of the pipe cleaner is very small and will fit through them.


Beaded Pipe Cleaner Looped into Bracelet

Step 6

When you have all of your beads threaded, take the end of the pipe cleaner and thread it through the first secured bead on your pipe cleaner to create a bracelet.


Close Up of Pipe Cleaner Secured Through Beads into Bracelet

Step 7

Then thread the pipe cleaner end from the opposite direction through the second pony bead you added to your pipe cleaner.


Beaded Pipe Cleaner Bracelet with Excess Removed

Step 8

Lastly, trim any excess pipe cleaner from your bracelet and enjoy!



Beaded Pipe Cleaner Bracelets Next to Beads

Beaded Bracelets next to Beads with text overlay - DIY Beaded Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

If your kiddos love getting creative at all then they will go nuts for these DIY beaded pipe cleaner bracelets! They are such an easy activity to put together and literally buy you hours of peace. Is there anything mom craves more than that in the throws of summer break? I don’t think so.

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Beaded Bracelets next to Beads with text overlay - DIY Beaded Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

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