Day 3: Cardboard Toy Box

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31 Days of Saving on Holiday


Here is a sneak peak of the tutorial for you, in case you’re not convinced.


“If you’re lacking storage for all of your kids’ toys, then this DIY gift serves two purposes for you!  (Don’t you love gifts that multitask?)  A personalized toy box will make your kids ecstatic yet help you keep toys out of sight and rooms clean(er) as well.  If you’re handy with a saw and drill, then making a wooden toy box is certainly an option.  When you are on a tight holiday gift budget, though, even a DIY wooden one can be too expensive.  Here is an insanely fugal alternative for you: a cardboard toy box.

Chances are that you already have all of the materials for this lying about your house which would make this gift 100% free!  It is so easy to make and requires little, if any, cutting.  Plus, in the end, you will have a completely custom piece that you know will match your kid’s room.”



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