Creating Your Future: January 2017 Goals

Are you as excited for 2017 as I am? I can’t explain why but I am absolutely confident that this year is going to rock. It is something I know in my bones. If you are going into this year skeptical or pensive, stop it. Decide right here and now that you are going to make 2017 the best year of your life. Dream big, plan big, and then work hard. That is the recipe for an awesome year. How do you start? You start creating your future by writing down your January 2017 goals! See my monthly goals and last month’s evaluation below for inspiration.

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Dream big, plan big, and then work hard. That's the recipe for an awesome year. How do you start? You start by writing down your January 2017 goals!


Dream big, plan big, and work hard. That's the recipe for an awesome year. #januarygoals Click To Tweet


Dream big, plan big, and then work hard. That's the recipe for an awesome year. How do you start? You start by writing down your January 2017 goals!

December Evaluation

Business Goals

Affiliate Marketing – Fail

  • I was incredibly blessed to have a lot of sponsored post offers for December. While this was fantastic, it meant bumping some of the affiliate articles I had planned.

Create a 2017 Business Plan – In Progress

  • This goal has been eye-opening. Writing down my processes and scheduling social media work is easy. Defining areas like my mission statement is really difficult for me.

Take the Week of Christmas Off – Semi-Success

  • For the most part, I did not work the week of Christmas. I was fully present at all of our celebrations and dinners. However, there were nights when the kids were in bed and TV was boring. To be frank, I missed it. I truly love what I do and I think that not allowing work to distract me from the holidays and being with family is successful.

Finance Goals

Save another $200 – Success

Continue Meal Planning – Fail

  • When all of the parties, dinners, and gatherings came my meal plan went poof! We were often sent home with leftovers that needed to get eaten. Many nights involved me reinventing the leftovers into a different meal.

Re-Read the Total Money Makeover – Fail

  • There is no reason that this failed. I could have made the time to do it but instead would turn on Netflix or pick up a fiction book. I plan on being more intentional with this one in January.

Organizational Goals

Continue to Get Rid of 1 Item a Day – Success

  • After continuing to do this I have come to realize something: I don’t think we have ever gotten rid of a piece of clothing in our lives! My goodness! There are at least 20 boxes of clothes to donate right now. It is madness.

Finish Living Room – Success

  • Yes, my friends, the living room is done! Yay! Of course, then Christmas happened so I’m currently working on finding homes for the gifts but I’m still very excited.

Start Moving Office – Success

  • I can promise you that I am highly motivated to finish this one this month. Having no home to work in is killing me.

Self-Improvement Goals

Develop a Specific Routine – (Insert Maniacal Laugh Here)

  • Whose genius ideas was it to try and develop a daily routine on the busiest and most chaotic month of the year? Oh yeah, that’s right: mine!

Do One Activity that Brings Me Joy Each Week – Success

  • These typically were me taking a bath with a book. On one week I did take an entire day and spent it with my mom. We had so much fun and it was incredibly rejuvenating.

Family Goals

Weekly Family Nights – Success

  • Our Advent gifts made these super easy in December. Almost every week we ended up having 2 instead of one because of how the activities fell in the Advent calendar.

Create and Enforce Chore Charts – Success/Fail

  • Were the chore charts created? Yes. Unfortunately they have not been hung up yet and subsequently not enforced.


Dream big, plan big, and then work hard. That's the recipe for an awesome year. How do you start? You start by writing down your January 2017 goals!

January 2017 Goals

Business Goals

  • Start Outlining ProductsI am planning to launch 2 new products this year. I want to have each of them outlined by the end of the month as well as a rough working timeline.
  • Affiliate IncomeThis one is the same as last month.
  • Build Twitter Following I have been focusing heavily on Pinterest in November and December. I have now grown it to over 5,000 followers (thank, guys!!). Now that I have my systems in place there, I want to start focusing on Twitter.

Finance Goals

  • Save $100If you are wondering why it is less this month that is because one paycheck isn’t hitting until February 1st. The beauty of budgeting allows me to know this in advance and plan accordingly.
  • Grocery FreezePeriodically I will do a grocery freeze to clean out the freezers and pantry. It saves money and it helps older items get used up.
  • Re-Read the Total Money MakeoverThis month I’m going to break this down by daily page goals. It will be easier to make myself do this if I say, “I only have to read 10 pages today.”


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Organizational Goals

  • Finish My Craft Room/OfficeI need my space to write and create. Not having it has only proved to highlight that need.
  • Keep PurgingI am so tired of storing all of this stuff that we don’t use, don’t want, or don’t need. That is why I will continue to keep getting rid of items. Honestly, I haven’t even gotten to the point that it is difficult yet.

Self-Improvement Goals

  • Daily RoutineWe’re going to give this another try. With school starting back and the holidays ending, this should be a more conducive month for it.
  • MoveNo, I don’t want to pack up boxes and relocate. I want to make sure that I am moving every day. Dance to a 5 minute song, play tag with the kids, or do some activity that gets me moving.

Family Goals

  • Learn Something New TogetherI haven’t decided quite what it will be yet but I want us to learn something new as a family. We could cook a new recipe together or change a tail light on a car. As long as it is something new that we can all do together, I’m happy.
  • Try Out New Family Night ActivitiesThis month I want to change up the family night activities. Some ideas I have are a coloring night, a DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution) night, and an electricity free night.


Dream big, plan big, and then work hard. That's the recipe for an awesome year. How do you start? You start by writing down your January 2017 goals!

Given how chaotic December was I am incredibly proud of all that I accomplished. If you goals for December have a lot of “Fails” next to them cut yourself a little slack. Decide that January is going to be your month to dominate and jump back up onto that horse. Don’t forget, you can find a helpful “Evaluation Worksheet” in the free Monthly Goal Setting Planner. It will help you dig into why your goals were or were not successful as well as help your adjust so that you are more successful this month!

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